- - Thursday, September 17, 2020

No one can deny that our democracy is under siege by the far-left, democratic socialist. If you don’t believe me, just look at the pandemonium and insurrection taking place in our major cities under this ‘mobocratic’ rule. Mobocracy is burning our cities, damaging private and public properly, and destroying statues and the historical heritage of our country — all because some people hate America and want to replace democracy with Marxism.

Many of the leftist leaders of our cities, through their haughtiness, have puffed themselves up with their power and riches and made themselves iniquitous deities of turpitude. They have become idols for the radical mobs, who are more than willing to prostrate themselves in worship. These gods believe they are the ultimate judge, jury and executioner. If you disagree with their ideology and are not a subservient follower of the mob, you will be verbally and physically scourged for your sin of being a seditious servant.

Some of our cities have sustained billions of dollars of destruction, and people have even been killed. There will be little justice for those who have suffered under this mobocratic rule. The socialist gods and goddesses that run these major cities, as well as the great goddess Nancy Pelosi in Congress, all believe we must subjugate ourselves to their will and control.


Towanda, Pa.

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