- - Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid famously said, after being questioned regarding having lied about Mitt Romney paying taxes, “Romney didn’t win, did he?” Now President Trump has a chance to fill another Supreme Court seat and the Democrats are calling foul.

Didn’t the Democrats try to sabotage Brett Kavanaugh’s selection for the Supreme Court? Didn’t the Obama administration use all executive branches, including the Justice Department, FBI and State Department, to stifle conservatives and run an illegal plot to depose President Trump?

Has anyone stopped to think what all the recent violence and financial mismanagement has done to Democrat-run states and cities? How about the chaos liberal judges have inflicted on the American people by usurping the Constitution and creating ex post facto a judicial legislative branch according to their own political beliefs?

Fill the open Supreme Court position with a strong conservative who believes in the Constitution and the rule of law, a concept foreign to the Democratic elites. To rephrase Obama’s famous “Elections have consequences” quote: Bad behavior has consequences.


Fairfax, Va.

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