- - Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mayors and governors are blaming climate change for the massive wild fires throughout the West. It is insulting and clueless to propose new climate laws and regulations while fires are raging, thousands have been evacuated, hundreds have lost their homes and businesses, and too many souls have lost their lives.

Government experts will never accept responsibility for wild fires, yet they continue to collect their salaries. Global warming is a convenient scapegoat for decades of not paying attention to the risk of extreme wildfire. Building codes still allow wood-framed edifices and flammable siding and roofs, and laws allow for inadequate fire-road access and water storage. There have been laughably weak efforts to thin forests, and zero effort to limit housing developments in high-fire areas.

But it’s not only inept fire-control measures that are the problem; it’s also the complete destruction of our economy while attempting to control COVID-19. No one is asking for miracles — just the truth.


Pine Grove, Calif.

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