- - Thursday, September 3, 2020

The TV stations and cable networks should commit to carrying the primetime portions of both the Republican and Democratic national conventions without interruptions or commentary. The convention is the one opportunity, every four years, for each party to explain its positions, goals and views to the American people. The parties choose their speakers and videos carefully to get their messages across. When networks choose to air some portions of a convention but not others, they are in essence injecting their own views of what they think is important and what Americans should see.

Additionally, since the replacement of speeches or video is typically an anchor or contributor providing their own views on the convention, viewers are once again subject to someone’s commentary or bias rather than the event itself. While the conventions might seem like commercials, they are commercials that Americans deserve to hear.

Networks and news stations have an almost unlimited amount of time to provide analysis and commentary. They can sacrifice a few hours every four years to provide coverage and let Americans digest and think for themselves. Republicans and Democrats attack the media for false reporting. An unedited, complete showing of the conventions in prime time would quell these complaints during this important time.



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