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Another movie has arrived to explain the life and times of President Trump.

“Citizen Trump,” an independent documentary film about the 45th president, premieres Monday. The project was written and directed by documentary filmmaker Robert Orlando, who was prompted to produce it after learning that the Mr. Trump’s favorite film is “Citizen Kane,” considered a classic in many circles.

“In this cinematic feast, we witness Trump, like Kane, trying to escape unglamorous beginnings,” said advance production notes for the new movie. “A decades-long effort to rise as aspiring Hollywood mogul, real estate player, darling of gossip columnists, casino owner, dabbler in politics, and reality TV star. With each new stage, it was a rehearsal for his role as president.”

“Truth be told, Kane was crushed by scandal, Trump was not,” Mr. Orlando said in a statement. “He triumphed above front-page divorces, bankruptcies, unprecedented media attacks and political chaos. Will the election end his star power? Trump knew from early on that he who controls the story controls the world, and the high myopia of public discourse blinds us to what truly matters.”

This is not a typical documentary.

“If you’re a liberal here hoping for a Michael Moore-style documentary aimed at the Left, forget it, and if you’re a conservative looking for something that Dinesh D’Souza would create, you’re likewise out of luck,” wrote Paul Kengor in a review of the film for The American Spectator.

“As for Trump devotees, be forewarned as well: this film does not, by any stretch, portray Donald J. Trump positively. My take is that it’s quite negative toward Trump. And you can’t blame this on a hack left-wing filmmaker,” Mr. Kengor said, noting that Mr. Orlando has also has created films about General George S. Patton, Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

Mr. Kengor says the film is likely to get audiences thinking. The online premiere of the film can be found at CitizenTrumpFilm.com, where it can be rented or purchased.

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