- - Monday, September 7, 2020

I beseech our hubristic overlords to act with a bit more tact and grace during these trying times. Ever since COVID-19 appeared on America’s shores, a plethora of alarmists have taken to the airways to issue apocalyptic warnings.

The clucking of these Henny Pennys has been deafening, and it’s created an atmosphere of hysterics and paranoia that lingers across much of the country.

If one protested the lockdowns, they were condemned as being cold-hearted menaces to society. If one refused to wear a mask, they were vilified as being accomplices to murder. If one voiced concern about faltering businesses, they were brushed off and belittled.

How irritating, then, for us to behold our leaders flaunting their privilege by openly defying the very rules they forced upon the nation.

Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago went to get her hair done — a matter of utmost importance — during the height of the pandemic. This has for months been a luxury denied to average citizens.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer unleashed her inner despot by instituting a long list of draconian measures across the state. These rules had loopholes for the higher-ups, and her husband went off on their boat during the lockdown.

New York Mayor de Blasio, a wannabe commissar of the non-existent People’s Democratic Republic of New York, warned everyone about the dangers of being in groups. Yet when the opportunity came to make hollow gestures of solidarity with the mob, de Blasio took to the streets to paint politically charged messages on the asphalt.

And now we come to House Speaker Pelosi. Dear Nancy, I commend you for taking time from your daily schedule of lambasting and slandering the president to sneak off to the salon. Never mind that California is locked down and businesses are collapsing; your millionaire hair takes precedence over the livelihoods of your constituents.

In times of crisis, political leaders should lead by example. They should show us that they suffer alongside us as equals. Sadly, though, many Democratic leaders have failed to show any signs of solidarity with the people they govern. The only thing made abundantly clear by this crisis is how blatantly these politicians disdain and disrespect the American people.


Sapporo, Japan

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