- - Thursday, April 1, 2021

The headline “Infectious disease experts say coronavirus mutations will make vaccines useless within a year” (Web, March 31) is a bit hyperbolic, but it poses the question of how useful the coronavirus vaccines are. At this point there are not any studies showing a strong association between lockdowns and mask wearing, and infections and infection fatality rates. Some vaccines are extraordinarily effective, and many others fall far short. The polio vaccine was a major breakthrough. The flu vaccine, less so.

Taking surveys is the usual journalistic method of determining credibility for any claims, but it is anything but scientific. History is replete with scientists believing the wrong hypothesis. It continues for years, and when an objector arises they are generally persecuted and die a miserable death well before the majority realizes the error of their ways. This never changes, and the current pandemic is no exception.

At the present time it would be reasonable to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine will be no more effective than the flu shot. The world lives with the flu. Only a minority of the population actually gets a flu shot. What is rarely acknowledged in the press is that most people will die of cancer and coronary heart disease not COVID-19. Both cancer and coronary heart disease, as well as a bad COVID-19 outcome, are strongly associated with metabolic health, more specifically Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. No government in the world has acknowledged these facts to date.

If you think this is due to systemic corruption, and the substitute of opinion surveys (politcs) for science, you would be correct. If you want to see the depth of corruption in the medical profession, look no further than the Krispy Cream donuts used to reward those inoculated.


Reston, Va.

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