- - Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Never in my life have I heard a nastier racism-related diatribe than what recently came out of the mouths of Democrats. As if having a pandemic that killed over 500,000 of our citizens wasn’t bad enough, President Biden and his shameful minions have yarded up together like a pack of wolves to spew their ignorant opinion that the U.S. is a racist country. They’re trying to make us believe we should all denounce our color to appease one another. How stupid is that?

If you take into account all the lies and false accusations the Democrats used to manipulate people into believing that former President Trump was the bad guy, you see that they are guilty of exactly what they said Trump did. In whose best interests are Biden and the Democrats working when they demonize our police? Certanly not those of the people.

Mr. Biden has shown his true contempt for the law by involving himself in the George Floyd trial before the decision was made. He used the highest office in the land to interfere with the jury decision — a malpractice known as jury tampering.

Before the ink was even dry on that case, Mr. Biden and his cohorts demonized a cop who shot a murderous 16-year-old girl attempted to stab one of her peers. Not only did Mr. Biden open his big mouth about it before he knew all the facts (abusing his power), he threw another wrench in the works by further dividing the races.

In my opinion, Biden and his ilk are the racists with whom we should truly be concerned.



Warrenville, S.C.

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