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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told CBS “This Morning” audiences that “the reward of vaccination is freedom” and to those who don’t play — too bad.

“Tragically,” he said, “if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re going to be left out.”

Democrats are such tyrants.

De Blasio is the type of political leader who would see nothing wrong with lining up the vaccine dissenters, corralling them into a clinic, and forcibly injecting their arms with the COVID-19 shots, ordering his minions to tie down the physical resistors if need be. And he’d do it all the while claiming the moral high ground — all the while crowing about his principled protection of the American people.

That’s a short hop to the type of logic China uses to force abortions. That’s one small step from the mental justifications America used to infect Tuskegee airmen with syphilis. See where this is headed?

Tyrants don’t spring up as murderous evil-doers overnight. They come by way of promising safety and security; they steal in to power by means of doing a greater good that benefits all. Even Mao Zedong promised a Great Leap Forward.

Now Democrats are promising to “Build Back Better.”

The similarities? 

Both dangled massive societal change in relatively short periods of time. Both relied on the arrogance of a few select elites to decide when, where and whom the societal changes would sweep — always, of course, leaving the few select elites in their positions of power and control.

Both are communist takeovers of individual freedoms.

Look at the language of dictators — attributed to Mao, in 1945: “We should fire the whole people with the conviction that China belongs not to the reactionaries but to the Chinese people.”

Attributed to Joseph Stalin in 1942: “You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.”

Attributed to Fidel Castro in 1959: “A revolution is not a bed of roses. A revolution is a struggle between the future and the past.”

Their means were force; their ends — their stated ends, anyway — were all for the good of the people.

“I want people to get vaccinated to feel they can live life fully,” de Blasio said on CBS, explaining his citywide ban of the unvaccinated from restaurants, from places of entertainment, from gyms and fitness centers. “The reward of vaccination is freedom. Tragically, if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re going to be left out.”

This isn’t just unconstitutional.

This isn’t just immoral. Who appointed this Democrat to the role of National Doctor?

It’s also the language of tyrants. 

Dictators always justify their dictatorial ways as necessary to bring about some greater good. But it’s always a greater good that comes from their own eyes, their own minds, their own wicked hearts, and not established rule and order. Heck, even the Taliban think they’re righteous in their Afghanistan cause.

The road to tyranny is wide.

The path of freedom is narrow. And in America, keeping to this narrow path means American leaders must be constrained in their governance, guided by virtues and morals from above — from God, by Judeo-Christian principles — and not from their own ever-changing, ever-fickle, ever-ambitious and selfish imaginations.

It’s no coincidence that communists and dictators and tyrants are more often than not raging atheists. They don’t want God to get in the way of their own human designs. More than that, in the end, they don’t want the people they tyrannically rule to worship God instead of them.

If this coronavirus has shown us anything, it’s the stark, somewhat shocking similarities between today’s Democratic Party and yesterday’s communists, authoritarians and murderous dictators. The solution to save America is to keep God at the helm.

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