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President Joe Biden told a coronavirus-weary nation that those who are still unvaccinated are looking at a winter season of “severe illness and death,” and that the omicron variant was “here now,” “spreading” fast, and only “going to increase” as the days turn to weeks and months.

Say hello to science, Democrat style. All fear; few facts.

“But there’s good news,” Biden went on. “If you’re vaccinated and have your booster shot you’re protected from severe illness and death — period.”

In other words: Get the shot — the many shots — and live. Refuse the shot — the many shots — and die.

The left has already taken the slogan ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ and embraced it as political policy. Now, it seems, the left is taking that same party platform and ratcheting it to a new level: Never let an existing crisis go.

From coronavirus to delta to omicron, Democrats are swinging into high gear to ensure the clampdowns on freedoms that came as a perhaps understandable result of unknowns at the beginning of the pandemic are actually put into place for perpetuity. Once again, they’re using fear, not science, as their go-to tools of COVID-19-tied policies.

In recent remarks from the Roosevelt Room, Biden spewed his Dr. Death doom and gloom predictions in context of talking about the spread of the omicron variant. 

“Biden warns of winter of ‘severe illness and death’ for unvaccinated due to Omicron,” CNN wrote.

But the omicron variant is hardly deadly. By the way, whatever happened to the flu?

Anyhow, one medical professional told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade this, during a recent radio interview: “We’re seeing this massive new wave of fear that is fueling our second pandemic after COVID-19, which is a pandemic of lunacy, which is omicron. Now I call it omg-cold. If you look at the epidemiological data, the epicenter is now way down from omicron,” Marty Makary, a surgical oncologist and chief of the Johns Hopkins Islet Transplant Center, said


No cause for panic, folks. And certainly no cause for Dr. Death doom and gloom predictions, folks.

One study from the University of Hong Kong found omicron doesn’t seep into the respiratory tract, but rather produces only an illness that’s akin to a cold. Thus, Makary’s characterization of it as “omi-cold.”

But fear is a Democrat’s best friend. No Fear doesn’t fit the far left’s narrative, or its modus operandi.

“It depends what headline you want, what message you want to send,” Makary said. “I can recast any respiratory virus as a potential bubonic plague that’s going to destroy the United States. It’s just how you present the statistics.”


Team Biden wants the shots, shots, shots so to fuel to American public to get the shots, the running narrative has to be one of fear.

Team Lockdown wants to keep the fearful narrative in place as long as possible so as to control the public, exploit the pandemic for political and power-grabbing gain and ultimately, reshape entire national and world economies, banking and financial institutions, governments and whole societal structures.

“The slow pace of change in academic institutions globally is lamentable,” the World Economic Forum wrote in March of 2020. “However, COVID-19 has become a catalyst for educational institutions worldwide [to change].”

“To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism,” the World Economic Forum wrote in July 2020.

“Why COVID-19 must reshape global crisis funding,” the World Economic Forum wrote in October 2020. 

“Covid-19 virus offers the chance to reshape our world,” the British Medical Association’s trade journal, BMJ, wrote in its April 2020 edition.

From a summary of the piece, this: “One perhaps unforeseen consequence of the [pandemic] is that politicians who came to power with plans to reduce government influence, dismantle the nanny state and privatize government functions were [instead] discussing how to nationalize large strategic sectors.”

Out with the Donald Trump-type of thinking — the sovereign first, America First approach to governing. In with the globalist and collectivist approach to governing — the top-heavy, top-down way of politicking, with all powers and authorities vested in a very small, elite circle of chosen governors. Of chosen rulers.

God-given rights?

Gone. Gone, along with any semblance of American exceptionalism, the American spirit of freedom, American individualism.

“We can’t go hunting for a problem that is a very mild or asymptomatic illness,” Makary warned.

Oh, but the Democrats can and will. This has been the plan of the left from the start. Way back when the pandemic was just kicking into gear, globalist-minded bureaucrats were already talking up ways to exploit the virus for purposes of reshaping the world — of refashioning America’s great concepts of liberty and constitutional rights.

Omicron is the means. And if that variant doesn’t work, mark these words: another one will come bringing with it a fresh batch of fears. Americans must stand tall for principles of liberty and insist on the health world bowing to the Constitution.

Keeping people safe and secure should never come at the expense of freedom. Those who don’t understand that deserve neither safety nor liberty.

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