- - Monday, February 15, 2021

While the current differences between President Biden and the radical left on removing the border wall and essentially allowing a free flow of immigrants into our nation are of immediate importance, the underlying problems will remain between the two views (“Biden ‘in a real bind with the radical left’ over push to tear down border wall,” Web, Feb. 14). Mr. Biden was elected on the basis of his ability to defeat Trump, with little regard by the Democrats and independents for the differing views between the radical left and the more moderate positions of Mr. Biden. Now is the time for these opposing positions to be resolved. But with his key-position appointments he seems to essentially be accommodating the radical left.

The obvious question will be what this Democratic Party difference will have on the 2022 elections. Obviously Democrats will be less inclined to vote, while Republicans still smarting from defeat will be more dedicated. A guess, if Republicans unify, is that there will be a Republican Senate and House of Representatives and a stalemate for future legislation.


New York

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