- - Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Now that we are over the expensive, divisive circus that was the second impeachment of Donald Trump, we have several needs. First, citizens require a serious and independent investigation of the insurrection that took place Jan. 6. Judging from its involvement in the lies to the FISA court, the FBI cannot be trusted.

Second, in the unconstitutional impeachment trial the Democrats repeatedly stated the falseness of Mr. Trump’s claims that there had been numerous illegal votes and involvement by foreign governments in the 2020 election. Yet, we have MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s presentation of experts who claimed to be able to prove the illegality of certain votes, as well as the involvement (to increase Joe Biden’s votes) of Iran and China. We know why media outlets like NBC — whose local affiliate didn’t even cover the trial last Saturday, when much happened — did not cover the crumbling of the Democrats’ case. But what about the media outlets still looking for the truth? The Democrats raised their accusations on all media channels. Citizens are owed the truth. If Mr. Lindell’s experts are wrong, the Democrats ought to use investigation and science to prove as much.

Third, “the swamp” worked to hide the truth when the Democrats reaped what they had sowed and the Senate voted for witnesses. The Senate did not want the truth to come out. Why? I believe it’s because they are hiding the worst illegal actions since the FISA court misuse by Barack Obama, Mr. Biden and Bill Clinton.


Forest Hill, Md.

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