- - Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The stampede of leftist pundits trolling the GOP for its alleged “divisiveness” by acquitting former President Trump during the Senate’s latest impeachment show trial doesn’t go unchallenged. Their calls for Republicans to reform and purify themselves of Mr. Trump’s pro-America agenda are disingenuous. As if they ever cared what is best for the conservative party or for America.

Any accountability within the GOP should be directed at those members who continue to pander to globalism, open borders and pro-China trade policies. Before China released its worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Trump’s policies had economic growth and employment rates that had not been seen in 50 years. Under Mr. Trump’s leadership, America became the No. 1 energy producer in the world.

Donald Trump’s agenda, like Ronald Reagan’s and JFK’s decades before, demonstrated that our economy thrives when taxes are cut and the government regulatory noose is removed from the necks of American entrepreneurs. Mr. Trump further demonstrated the folly of lopsided international agreements that unfairly benefit tyrannical regimes such as China and Iran.

Instead, these elitist pundits should demand reform and accountability within the Democratic Party. The DNC’s fetish with cancel culture, speech codes, identity politics and a D.C. centralized plutocracy smacks of kindergarten fascism.

The statism pushed by President Biden and his ilk is incompatible with and unnatural to the American way of life, as defined by our history, culture and Constitution. The DNC should surgically remove this growing, divisive socialist movement from within and force it to stand alone as a separate party.


Temecula, Calif.

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