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Last night, ABC’s “World News Tonight” spent 3 minutes and 28 seconds discussing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun and a mere 54 seconds on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo being the subject of a federal corruption inquiry.

This, my friends, is how media bias works.

Yes, Sen. Cruz‘s decision to go to Cancun as thousands in his state are without electricity or running water was horrendous. But was it worse than Gov. Cuomo sentencing 11,000 elderly nursing home patients to death through his misguided coronavirus policy and then trying to cover it up?

The mainstream media has lost their collective minds.

According to the Media Research Center, ABC’s “World News Tonight” “hasn’t touched Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home scandal story since Monday and despite two days of continuously unfolding revelations, the Thursday edition spent just 54 seconds telling viewers about the federal investigation into his deadly corruption.”

Moreover, what ABC did feature wasn’t a stand-alone package, focused on how state Democrats are looking to strip Gov. Cuomo of his emergency powers and possibly impeach him. It was “wedged into a larger report about the race to get people vaccinated and how the winter storms were hampering that effort,” according to MRC.

The Cruz hype and Cuomo downplaying didn’t stop with ABC.

An Atlantic reporter tweeted 13 times about the Cruz scandal yesterday, yet failed to issue a single tweet regarding Gov. Cuomo in the past five days. Politico ran the headline, “The Return of the Washington Scandal,” in reference to Sen. Cruz this morning — as if Washington has somehow been operating scandal-free.

Blue-check-mark journalists overwhelmingly dived into the details of Sen. Cruz’s trip — motivated by the sheer thrill of tearing down a potential 2024 presidential contender. They got hold of his wife’s private texts, staked out his home, even reported on who was watching his dog.

Yet, somehow, these same journalists couldn’t find thousands of nursing home deaths in New York state for over eight months. Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home scandal was first reported on in May by conservative outlets, but only came to light by the mainstream media this week, when Gov. Cuomo’s top aide admitted to a cover-up.

Today’s “journalism” has morphed into tribalism, with reporters doing everything they can to destroy their political opponents and to protect their austere Democratic leaders — no matter what the crime.

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