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On Nov. 3, 2020, countless Trump supporters cheered on early election night returns that appeared to make President Trump a lock for reelection. Florida came in as the new Big Easy, Ohio looked equally strong, and Democrat hopes were quickly dashed that the Lone Star State might tilt blue.

However, as Tuesday night rolled into Wednesday morning, key battleground states inexplicably suspended vote counting. When these tabulations resumed, implausibly Democrat-heavy vote spikes produced razor-thin apparent Biden victories. In Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia alone, the total combined Biden differential was a mere 42,703 votes, or 0.003% of the 11.5 million total votes cast.

As I studied these bizarre returns at Trump campaign headquarters, and after decades building statistical trading models for the largest banks and hedge funds in the world, my mind fixated on the utter improbability of the results. My intuitive suspicions soon found numerical validation.

For example, Mr. Trump won 18 of the 19 “bellwether” counties in America. For the past 10 elections straight, these counties amassed a perfect record of predicting the national winner.

Among key Hispanic voters, Mr. Trump showed remarkable gains. He earned 50% of the Hispanic vote in Florida  and rallied double digits on margin to 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas. Moreover, in the 100 majority-Hispanic counties in America, Mr. Trump rose from a mere 8% to an astonishing 44% of the total vote.

In the harsh light of the statistical day, President Biden outperformed ONLY in the places he needed to — despite material shifts demographically and geographically for Mr. Trump nationwide. This was tantamount to Mr. Biden throwing four perfect games in a row for a World Series sweep.

As I have parsed and pondered this statistical impossibility over the last 60 days, my most valuable resource has been the three volumes of the Navarro Report published by the former White House assistant to the president and Harvard PhD economist.

Mr. Navarro’s reports are highly sourced with hundreds of citations from thousands of documents, including court filings, county election results, and sworn affidavits. He demonstrates unequivocally that election irregularities across six dimensions in the six most contested battleground states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — resulted in what he describes as election theft “by a thousand cuts.”

Mr. Navarro has now consolidated his three reports into one easily digestible volume. This consolidated report should be required reading for every member of Congress AND for every state legislator in the battleground states. The Navarro Report should also be required reading for every American citizen concerned about the integrity of our elections and who are readying to watch the upcoming impeachment trial.

Many Americans intuitively grasp the massive problems that contaminate the official returns. A post-election CNBC survey showed that only 3% of Trump voters view Mr. Biden as a legitimate winner. A Jan. 14 CNN poll found that, despite three months of constant media maligning of skeptics, only 19% of Trump voters see Mr. Biden as a valid victor. No wonder Axios polling reveals and astounding 92% want Mr. Trump to be the 2024 Republican nominee.

Despite the strong, data-driven matrix of malfeasance documented in the Navarro Report, as well as widespread skepticism among regular citizens, America’s corporate media and Big Tech have aggressively and punitively suppressed even a discussion of possible election irregularities. To fight back, Donald Trump must aggressively embrace his Impeachment Trial opportunity to prosecute his case that the election was indeed stolen.

By basing the impeachment on the question of election theft, Nancy Pelosi and her partisan cadres have unwittingly done the country a great service by providing Mr. Trump a clear opportunity to emphatically address the “election irregularities” elephant in the American living room.

The Navarro Report, with its meticulous accounting of the theft, should be the cornerstone for the Trump defense. By embracing the granularity and statistical “receipts” of the Navarro Report, Mr. Trump can stand boldly in the well of the Senate and methodically and emphatically make the case that there was nothing false about his statements. Therefore, he must be found not guilty.

If the former president dives headlong into this challenge with courage, imagination and the charisma that only he can command — and if he resists the temptation to pursue a narrow “Lindsey Graham” due process defense – he will transcend the absurdity of this tainted tribunal, crystallize his own political potency, and propel the populist nationalist cause forward into 2022 and beyond.

• Steve Cortes served as senior adviser for strategy at the Trump 2020 Campaign.

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