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Washington has a new bad boy in town, and her name is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Just like Donald J. Trump descending his glass escalator five years ago, the congresswoman from Georgia has obvious flaws. But she is George frigging Washington compared to the lying, thieving, racist, conspiracy-theorizing kleptocrats currently running our federal government.

Part of what is so appealing about Ms. Greene is that her flaws are so ridiculously obvious.

No, it was not Jewish lasers from outer space that sparked wildfires in California. And, as she acknowledged in an extraordinary speech on the House floor last week, the 9/11 terrorist attacks really did happen.

If you missed her speech on the House floor or her Friday press conference outside the Capitol the next day (both can be found at www.c-span.org), then you should watch them both in full. They are every bit as enjoyable as Mr. Trump’s entrance speech five years ago.

In both, Ms. Greene acknowledges that she got caught up in some of the wilder conspiracy theories that the Internet has to offer these days. But after five years of the wildest lies and conspiracy theories peddled by shady websites run by The New York Times and The Washington Post and National Public Radio, where is a gal supposed to turn for accurate, truthful information any more?

You can’t really blame the flaws of the Internet on Marjorie Taylor Greene.

If we are going to assign blame for all the ills of the World Wide Web, the corrupt kings of corporate America, sleazy Washington kleptocrats (including the convicted pedophiles) and the barons of America’s gaslight-media industry deserve pretty much all the blame.

Ms. Greene, a mother of three running a small family business in Milledgeville, Georgia, is actually just another innocent victim in the whole damned racket.

Most of the crazier things she has either said or “retweeted” or “shared” on Facebook you would hear from regular innocent citizens gathered at a local diner.

The real problem here is that the powerful thieves in Washington and relentless liars in the political media have no earthly idea just how despised they are by the innocent people who pay all the bills around here.

Why do so many people think Washington is run by a powerful cabal of pedophiles? Because the good taxpayers of this country cannot think of a worse class of people.

Also, go to www.wikipedia.com and type in “Anthony Weiner,” “Dennis Hastert,” and “Jeffrey Epstein.” Then go to www.duckduckgo.com and type in “House page program” and “Mark Foley.”

There is a revolution going on today. And it did not end with the election of Mr. Trump. That was just the opening salvo.

For decades, innocent American taxpayers have suffered at the hands of a political elite in Washington who do not give a rat’s tail about the people for whom they supposedly work. For decades, they have demonstrated total contempt for us.

Now rises a new breed of vulgar political leader, embodied by imperfect people like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

These new leaders care only what the people gathered at the local diner back home think. They don’t give a rat’s tail what people in Washington power circles think. They do not even pretend to conceal their contempt for Washington and the press.

“Our government is failing us,” Ms. Greene told reporters gathered outside the Capitol on Friday.

“You see, we are approaching nearly 30 trillion in debt. As a successful business owner for over 20 years if I ran my company the way this government runs and spends and wastes and puts us in debt with our own hard-earned tax dollars, I would be out of business a long time ago, and we would be homeless on the streets.”

Also, she would be in jail.

“But it’s so much worse than that. For decades now, this government has sold out our American worker, sent our jobs overseas to foreign countries. We’ve opened our borders wide open to be flooded with illegals coming into our country,” she said.

Sadly, the cameras did not capture the mute, bovine stares from the gathered political press. Literally, pearls before swine — not to insult our good, honest friends in the porcine community.

Then Ms. Greene turned her attention to the “gun-free” school zones where so many tragedies have occurred over the years.

“We need to be able to protect our children with good guys with guns — just like the people up here protected themselves with 30,000 National Guard troops,” she said, inside the massive new fencing topped with concertina wire that now surrounds the Capitol.

“Imagine that! They want to leave our children defenseless, but they will surround this place with a big, beautiful border wall and a whole bunch of good guys with guns.”

She shook her head.

“See, these are the policies that disgust me,” she spat. “These are the policies that disgust the American people! And these are the policies of hypocrites!”

There came no applause. Only more of the faraway bovine stares, chewing their cud.

• Charles Hurt is Opinion Editor of The Washington Times.

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