- - Monday, January 11, 2021

Unfortunately Democrats are attempting another baseless attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. This a political and personal hit job based on the hatred of the president by the Democrats and liberal media. The main contention — that Mr. Trump incited last week’s riot on the Capitol — has no merit and would not survive in a court of law.

The president has the same right as the rest of us to exercise free speech, and he had no intent to incite a riot. Even more unfortunate is the fact that not just liberals and Democrats bought this hogwash about incitement — but some Republican members of Congress, as well as members of Mr. Trump’s Cabinet and staff, bought it, too.

In addition, the criticism of Mr. Trump by Attorney Gen. William Barr was out of order. Mr. Barr had ample time to provide known information on the Russia hoax, yet he delayed. FBI Director Christopher Wray, too, has consistently stonewalled the release of documents and delayed information on the Hunter Biden laptops. The public had a right to know about those — before the election.

One can hope common sense will prevail, but knowing how dishonest Democrats are, it is unlikely.


Centerville, Mass.

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