- - Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Are we still ruminating about Israel building homes in areas that will be part of Israel if and when the Palestinian Authority decides to make peace (“Israel announces new settlements, risking Biden’s anger,” Web, Jan. 11)?

Interestingly, we rarely hear about the European Union funding illegal Arab construction.

Surely by now we know the answer to the problem. Settle on a map for two states. The PLO/PA is guilty of preventing this from happening, and a short history is in order. No Arab was called a Palestinian until the KGB formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1964. The PLO’s mission was to drive the “infidels” out of the Middle East and kill Jews. They drove 700,000 Christians out of Lebanon. After the Oslo Accords allowed them into parts of Judea and Samaria, they forced 80% of the Christians out of Bethlehem and Beit Jala.

That’s been the PLO/PA mind-set from day one. It’s why they rejected every peace offer.

Now, the Palestine issue is taking a back seat to diplomatic agreements between Israel and other Arab/Muslim states.

The Arab League must convince the PA that the Jewish state is permanent, and the PA must come to terms with it. Then everyone can build wherever they wish without the media getting all steamed up.


Deerfield Beach, Fla.

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