- - Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Donald J. Trump is the Theodore Roosevelt of our time. The similarities between the two men are striking. Teddy Roosevelt did not fit in when it came to the New York politics scene; even worse, he didn’t fit in the belly of the beast, Washington politics. Teddy pushed for reform to break up the banks, such as JP Morgan, and the monopolies, such as Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

Much like Teddy, Donald Trump went to Washington to break up a beast: the federal government. For a time he succeeded, but the non-elected, bloated, bureaucratic overseers in government unfortunately saw fit to sabotage his administration from the very beginning. Mr. Trump has been a president all alone with few allies in his quest to dismantle “the Swamp,” yet he has been one of the few to come through on his promises.

May Donald Trump or someone like him run again in 2024 — because America will truly need to be great again after the incoming China-puppet administration.



Kihei, Hawaii

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