- - Thursday, January 7, 2021

Forces of fear that made 2020 an accursed year have not vanished with the turn of the calendar page. On Tuesday, election processes deformed by the coronavirus pandemic helped achieve a Democratic sweep of Georgia’s Senate runoff races, giving the party a clear mandate to act on its radical instincts in taking an ax to the nation’s deepest roots.

Americans may have chuckled at Sen. Chuck Schumer’s vow before a Brooklyn crowd following Joe Biden’s presidential victory in November: “Now we take Georgia, then we change America!” He wasn’t joking. Now apparently in possession of the White House and both chambers of Congress, Democrats face little to impede their authoritative supremacy but the love of liberty.

The Georgia runoffs necessitated by a failure of either party to garner a majority in November gave Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock a projected paper-thin win over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Democrat Jon Ossoff likewise declared a narrow victory over Republican Sen. David Perdue, though both incumbents vowed to fight on. With the Senate now balanced 50-50, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is positioned to tip every vote in the Democrats’ direction.

Among the Biden-brand changes Americans can expect are rapid granting of citizenship to millions of immigrants in return for the expectation of Democratic Party support, higher costs for all but the poorest taxpayers, Green New Deal devolution toward energy poverty, packing of the U.S. Supreme Court and indoctrination with critical race theory.

Election integrity measures had already been threatened in many states when the coronavirus pandemic triggered a chain reaction of change. In Georgia, early voting was promoted as a safety measure meant to protect coronavirus-vulnerable voters during the November presidential election. In the Peach State Senate runoff, a record 3 million residents took advantage of the opportunity to vote early by mail or in person, resulting in an unsurmountable Democrat advantage.

The relaxed voting rules have done little to protect election integrity itself, though. A data scientist made this abundantly clear in testimony before a Dec. 30 Georgia Senate subcommittee hearing on issues arising from the presidential election. “There was fraud in Georgia’s election,” said former National Counterterrorism Center expert Justin Mealey.” We can prove it with data.” Time-stamped vote totals show the moment when 17,650 votes were deleted — enough to flip the state to Mr. Biden — from computer tabulations of Trump totals — an allegation Georgia election officials have disputed.

Similar Election Day irregularities in several other battleground states brought thousands of citizens to the Washington Ellipse Wednesday for a “March to Save America.” The din floated down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Capitol Hill, roiling a joint session of Congress undertaking the Electoral College validation of the disputed Biden presidency.

Georgians are left to wonder whether their state’s flip from red to blue resulted from computational chicanery or a radical political realignment. Either way, confidence in the nation’s election system has been shaken.

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