- - Thursday, January 7, 2021

I and most others are saddened by the violence on the Capitol this week, especially by the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed veteran from San Diego. I suspect, however, not many tears were shed among members of “the swamp.” For them, things could not have gone any better had they scripted the events themselves.

Since becoming president, Donald Trump — with so little help from anyone else — has effectively pulled back the curtain to expose the massive corrupt political system which has run our country for so long. And he has taken steps to rid us of it. The swamp creatures fought back hard, first against candidate Trump, then against President Trump. There was the illegal spying on candidate Trump by the very top law-enforcement and intelligence officials within the Obama administration; the knowingly false Russia-collusion investigation; the knowingly false Ukrainian charges and subsequent false impeachment; and the planned and well-coordinated election fraud, resulting in Mr. Trump’s “defeat.” It was all done with the full and enthusiastic support of the mainstream media, which even used and celebrated censorship.

The cherry on top for the political left was Wednesday’s mob scene at the Capitol, which had the direct effect of making those awful villains on the left appear to be the good guys and President Trump, the bad guy. The cries of outrage on both the left and right over the events at the Capitol are hard to digest. I do not recall even one time when either Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer uttered any outrage when Black Lives Matter or Antifa pillaged and burned American cities, destroyed businesses, caused billions of dollars in damage to both public and private property, and assaulted and killed innocent people. Incredibly, Rep. Steny Hoyer said Wednesday that he has seen no evidence Antifa is a violent group. Certainly, the left has won, and President Trump has lost — but much worse, America has lost.


Burke, Va.

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