- The Washington Times - Friday, January 8, 2021

Author Mark Steyn says the “wanker press” and its allies in the halls of Congress are in denial about what the Capitol now represents to millions of Americans.

The conservative icon scoffed at the coverage of this week’s security breach at the Capitol by groups of Trump supporters. 

“In a self-governing republic of citizen-legislators, that ought to be sobering and instructive,” he wrote Thursday on his official website. “But, of course, it wasn’t. Still, I was surprised that even politicians and pundits could utter all that eyewash about ‘the citadel of democracy’ and ‘a light to the world’ with a straight face. It’s a citadel of crap, and the lights went out long ago: ask anyone who needs that $600 ‘relief’.”

Mr. Steyn then referenced the nearly 6,000-page stimulus bill, COVID-19 relief, and politicians who wax poetic in the halls of Congress before little more than a C-SPAN camera and some aides.

“A zillion lobbyists wrote their particular carve-outs,” Mr. Steyn wrote of the stimulus bill. “And then it got stitched together by some clerk playing the role of Baron von Frankenstein. The ‘legislators’ voted it into law unread, and indeed even unseen, as the congressional photocopier proved unable to print it: It was a bill without corporeal form, but the yes-men yessed it into law anyway. Whatever that is, it’s not a republic.

“As beacons to the world go, stick it where the beacon don’t shine. I wish no ill to anyone in the building, but I do support, during the next recess, its complete dismantling and the salting of the earth: it is not a ‘citadel of democracy,’ only a sick perversion thereof.”

Mr. Steyn concluded with commentary on the fatal shooting of 14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt during Wednesday’s chaos.

A U.S. Capitol Police officer was placed on administrative leave after the killing.

“The courtiers of the American media have evidently agreed to avoid mentioning that Ms. Babbitt died at the hands of the police,” he wrote. “Gee, it’s almost as if they’re trying to give listeners the impression that she was killed by crazed Trump supporters. I would be interested in knowing more about the Capitol Police, which flunked its responsibilities totally yesterday and never more so than in that fatal shot fired into Ms. Babbitt’s neck.”

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