- - Thursday, July 15, 2021

As the U.S. finalizes its withdrawal from Afghanistan, the fate of the thousands of Afghans who helped the Americans hangs in the balance. The people of Cuba are rising up in righteous indignation against the Communist system that has oppressed them for decades. They chant slogans of freedom and some carry American flags. Yet the American response to this outburst of liberty has been tepid at best.

Secretary Mayorkas, who has bent over backwards to justify or downplay the surge of migrants at the southern border, has warned the Cuban people that they are not welcome in the United States and has threatened to return any refugees fleeing persecution back to their tormentors. 

What sickening villainy is this? For months, Democrats across the country have acted as apologists for failed border policies. They have claimed the hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding across the southern border were in fact refugees and asylum seekers, people fleeing for the safety of the United States. Doubtful, truly. But when these very same politicians are faced with the plights of the Afghans and the Cubans, they sit in silent hypocrisy. They should be ashamed of themselves.

What a sorry state our country is in. Once a bastion for those seeking freedom, we are now becoming an example of idiocy run amok. We should stand with those who truly need our help, and we should actively embrace those fleeing tyranny. If we abandon the Afghans to the Taliban, they will surely be massacred and their blood will be on our hands. If Cubans do in fact flee to America and we send them back to the Communist regime they fled from, then their suffering will likewise be on us. We are better than this. 

Our ideals are sturdier than the buckling backbones of our failed leaders. Hopefully wiser heads will prevail and we live up to who we are as a nation and help those struggling for refuge and freedom around the world before it’s too late. 



Bronx, N.Y.

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