- - Monday, July 19, 2021

I have subscribed to the Washington Times since it first started publishing, and I have always been pleased that the editorial comments have appeared in the Commentary section, not the news sections. I am therefore dismayed by what I can only call editorializing in what was supposed to be a recent news story in the Times.

“House Republicans post record fundraising ahead of 2022 race” (Web, July 14) says that Donald Trump’s name dominates fundraising pleas for small-dollar contributions, “even as he continues to spread lies about the 2020 election.” Really? I understand Trump’s preponderance for hyperbole but how do these Associated Press reporters know these are lies? There’s a big difference between knowing and believeing. Have they not heard the preliminary results of forensic audits of the Arizona vote count? Are these reporters going to join the White House and preemptively eliminate what they deem “misinformation”?

The White House press secretary has admitted publicly that the government is “asking” tech firms to bar statements that they deem as misleading (giving credence to Trump’s current lawsuit alleging exactly that). Is the Times going to continue to run stories by reporter who do that as well?

Years ago I cancelled our subscription to the Washington Post which, as a native of DC, I had read virtually since childhood. The quality of reporting had declined and the editorial statements on the front page as well as the paper’s blatant disregard for facts had become obvious. Please tell me the same is not infecting the Times.



Annandale, Va.

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