- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 22, 2021

You know we are in trouble when CNN’s Don Lemon is the smart one.

This is an actual exchange between Mr. Lemon and President Joe Biden during a staged “town hall” Wednesday night in Cincinnati.

LEMON: “You said that you need — we need — more police, right? Your words. So then, how do you respond to Republicans who try to paint you and your party as anti-police?”

BIDEN: “They’re lying.”

So, innocent American citizens saw their cities convulsed with violence, bloodshed, and fire-bombings during the past year — all in protest of police. Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the entire Democrat Party leadership chose to draft off the violent political movement and whip up the mobs into a further frenzy — all for their own political benefit.

Democrats applauded and abetted the violent terrorists by embracing their political agenda. Around the country, Democrats became the party of abolishing cash bail for criminals, ending immunity for cops, and, yes, “defunding” the police.

One leading Democrat — the woman Mr. Biden chose to be his vice president after she smeared him as a racist — actually raised money to get violent criminals out of jail and back on the streets before the next violent police protest.

So, yeah, that qualifies as, you know, “anti-police.”

Now, in defense of Don Lemon, he is quite possibly the dumbest person ever to find himself in front of a rolling television camera. And, yes, that includes all the TikTok sensations falling off tall buildings in search of the perfect “selfie.” Those people are literal geniuses, compared to Don Lemon.

So it comes as little surprise that Mr. Lemon was so bamboozled by Mr. Biden’s response that he was unable to marshal even one single point of fact to counter Mr. Biden’s absurd and dishonest reply.

I mean, seriously, who gets bamboozled by Joe Biden? Joe Biden can barely manhandle an ice cream cone, and yet he wipes the floor with Don Lemon during a CNN “town hall.” 

Don Lemon — an even bigger drip than a double scoop of Praline Rocky Road on a hot day along the Great Miami River.

Well, you know what they say? When life gives you lemons, make yellow journalism!

The truth is that Don Lemon is probably so stupid that he did not even think to try holding Mr. Biden’s feet to the fire on his obvious lie. In fact, Don Lemon was in on the lie from the start. That is why he asked Mr. Biden such a goofy, soft-serve question in the first place. 

He is actually trying to HELP the Biden administration and Democrats clean up this truly horrifying and deadly mess they created by launching their nationwide crusade against the police.

And all of this is why Don Lemon and Democrats in Congress are investing so much time talking about the January 6 Capitol invasion — an event that was far less damaging for actual Americans. They are desperate to investigate the Capitol riot because as long as they are talking about January 6, they don’t have to answer for their own actions and dangerous rhetoric that caused the truly devastating riots around the country.

At least not from Don Lemon.

• Charles Hurt is the Opinion Editor at the Washington Times.

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