- - Wednesday, July 28, 2021

There are a few questionable components to “New wave of COVID-19 is not the fault of the unvaccinated” (Web, July 27). First, Mr. Root’s thesis is that President Biden and other officials in the U.S. government are targeting unvaccinated Americans and blaming them completely for the new outbreak of COVID-19 and the delta variant. While I don’t necessarily think this is happening, I agree that we should not single out a group of people and blame them for everything going on with the pandemic right now. But not two paragraphs later in the piece, Mr. Root groups all Chinese people together and blames the entire pandemic on them, calling the entire country of China mass murderers and urging readers to never forget or forgive. This is highly hypocritical.

Second, when blaming China for everything, Mr. Root calls COVID-19 a highly dangerous bioweapon cooked up by the Chinese in a lab. But later, when criticizing President Biden about opening borders, he downplays the severity and danger of the virus. Which is it? Is it a dangerous bioweapon or aa virus so unimportant we don’t need to even wear a mask? It can’t be both.

Third, he calls President Biden the “COVID president” and saddles him with the blame for the entire pandemic. But we all know former President Trump was in office during the outbreak and President Biden has been dealing with it since coming into office this year. They are both ‘COVID presidents.’

The pandemic has been stressful and hectic for the whole world. And pieces like this, in my opinion, don’t help.



Mesa, Ariz.

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