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In New York, a parent jumped on the stage after a member of the Penfield Central School Board called him an “a—hole” during a heated debate over critical race theory and face masking of students.

This is everything that’s wrong with America’s public schools, in one brief exchange.

“Be respectful,” parent Rich Tyson told school board member William Yaeger. “You’re an elected representative to represent us. This isn’t about you, bud.”

Yaeger responded with this: “You’re not going to stand up here and do anything to me, a—hole,” he said, WROC first reported.

Tyson jumped onto the stage and confronted the official, as other school board members tried to intervene and calm the situation. The public, meanwhile, was pushed to leave the auditorium and the meeting ultimately continued, but virtually.

“[Yaeger] started kind of motioned for me to come toward the stage,” Tyson told WROC, adding that he did walk toward the stage. “Then he dropped an f-bomb on me.”

The taxpayer-funded school board member dropped an f-bomb on the taxpaying-funding parent.

“That’s when I walked and jumped up on the stage — not to be physically confrontational, but … to address it with him face to face,” Tyson said. “By the time I got there he had become essentially unhinged.”

School district officials later released a statement acknowledging Yaeger was out of line.

“On behalf of the board,” school board president Mark Elledge said, “I want to publicly acknowledge that Mr. Yaeger’s behavior was completely inappropriate. As a board, it is our job to listen and to treat our community with respect.”

Ya think?

But this is what’s wrong with America’s public schools — that those in the business of educating our children have forgotten their core business, have forgotten their proper place. They work for us. They are the public servants. They are supposed to be the humble public servants of the parents, of the taxpayers, of even the students.

Unions, union leaders, socialist union leaders driving their angry and anti-American messages into the school systems have created a situation where the supposed servants have demanded to become the masters.

School bureaucrats truly think they know better than parents what’s best for the children. And this is why they think calling out a parent as an “a—hole” is acceptable.

Yes, they’ll apologize the next day. But really, they think the parent is equally culpable — actually, even more to blame. Because after all, if that danged parent — if all those danged parents out there — would just let the school officials do their jobs, and stop questioning them, then there wouldn’t be any problems, there wouldn’t be any issues, there wouldn’t be any need to calm school board meeting tensions at all.

It’s the parents’ fault. So goes the school’s logic. So go most all of America’s public schools’ logic.

Just a few short years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a taxpayer-funded school wonk to call a parent at a public meeting an “a—hole.” But leftists have infiltrated the schools, bringing with them the mindset of winning at all costs — of winning an utterly refashioned, reworked, redesigned America at all costs. So their means always justify their ends.

If a few parents get called “a—hole” in the process, so be it. It’s part of the battle. War is ugly.

So goes the logic of the left.

That’s why homeschooling, running for school board, destroying the teachers’ unions and ultimately tossing the obviously unfit from their tax-paid positions of power is the only way to go — the only way to save our children and secure our nation’s future. 

In America, school officials should never, ever get away with calling a parent an “a—hole.” The fact that has to be stated shows how out-of-control America’s schools and America’s public school servants truly are.

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