- - Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Another summer is here and crime has increased. It’s not unusual that instances of illegality rise with temperatures; however, this year the unrest in many cities has elevated beyond the normal trend.

I decided to seek the reason for this spike from a more direct source: the criminals themselves. I talked to a young African-American youth who was recently released from jail, and he spoke of a variety of motivations for his actions. Some of these we talk about all the time as a society but seem unable to solve. However, most revealing was how much he said he and other young men were taking advantage of the changing laws pertaining to police actions since George Floyd’s death.

This young man understands that police have become hesitant to come after him and other criminals because of fear of attack from society. In addition, he and other young criminals have become aware of police response times and how much longer it now takes for them to arrive on a scene.

Therefore car jackings, robberies, drug deals and more are now much easier to commit. The young man to whom I spoke understood that defunding the police meant he and others could more easily participate in crime without fear of being caught. So when he deems crime necessary — be it because of hunger, drug addiction or disputes with other people — he has no problem committing it.

As crime numbers continue to rise, maybe our public officials need to step back from the pressures of organizations demanding we defund the police or release criminals early. Maybe it’s time they were made aware that more and more of our youth is willing to take advantage of social shifts and commit crimes.

One thing is for sure: The current crime wave will only become larger and persist longer if we continue to somehow be persuaded that reducing police forces will not have a negative effect. Just look around you.



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