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The worst possible scenario happened to the left in the 2020 election: Joe Biden was declared the winner. 

Fundraising for campaigns and ratings for their biased cable news networks have begun to drop now that former President Trump is gone, and so the clickbait economy for the left has been completely tanking. In order to correct for this, the conspiracy theory writers on the left have had to seek out a new boogeyman to create controversy and subsequently cash off of — and it’s been an uphill battle.

The overarching conspiracy-theory based narrative that the left has tried to push is that White nationalism is on the rise in America — but in reality, no one actually knows a White nationalist other than the handful that the media covered in front of the White House years ago — remember that mini-protest that was only given attention by 50,000 counter protesters and 24/7 media coverage? This narrative might tread water except for the fact during COVID-19, when there was nothing else to do, more people go to know the people on their blocks — and as it turns out, they’re pretty nice people.

QAnon, according to the corporate media, was a White nationalist-filled militant wing of the GOP, and led to the capital riots on Jan. 6. Unfortunately for the left, they didn’t realize that it was them alone who were obsessed with the Q concept — they still are — and they probably know more about it than the majority of Americans whom they’re trying to capture the eyes and dollars of.  

The left’s next target was Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene — who, to be honest, gave them some solid material — but she just wasn’t a big enough target. They dug through her old social media posts and found some controversial stuff, but even their acting against her in Congress didn’t compel their own audience to act. Ultimately, like the negative attention they gave to Mr. Trump, she grew her base and gained hundreds of thousands in fundraising — probably helping solidify her as a member of Congress for the foreseeable future.

Since the failed attacks on Mrs. Greene, the left has been flailing. Who could be the next “existential threat to all mankind” that they can fundraise off of? 

My Pillow owner Mike Lindell was a target for a week — the corporate media villainized him for his takes on the 2020 election and got his pillows thrown out of some stores — leading to increased direct sales for his company. “Star Wars” star Gina Carano was another swing and a miss — she exited the show to get her first movie deal with a conservative company. The left even posthumously attempted to swing at Rush Limbaugh.

Tucker Carlson has been a target for years — and continues to dominate the cable news ratings because of his fan base and hate watchers — who I’m sure he would also consider a fan base. The right and GOP just don’t have another character like Mr. Trump for the left to capitalize on — so they have turned to history.

CNN, a network known for its lack of journalistic integrity and credibility, has taken the unique step of rewriting history in order to create the boogeyman that could solve their ratings issues. Last week, CNN launched a series re-examining the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. In it, they question his sexuality, his intentions in the Civil War and, of course, whether or not he was a racist. Spoiler alert: According to the history experts at the network, he was of course — a White nationalist.

The liberals in San Francisco already view the president responsible for freeing the slaves as such — adding his name to a list of school names to be changed because they aren’t woke enough — but where does this go?

Perhaps its revisiting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who was great for ratings and fundraising on the left. Democratic senators suddenly have a source who says he wasn’t thoroughly investigated by the FBI — even though he was investigated multiple times — during his confirmation hearing.

Digital marketers and headline writers know that ultimately, controversy creates cash, but when does the controversy train run out of fuel? If everything and everyone is racist, nothing and no one is racist. If Mr. Trump is defeated and all of your programming and fundraising are attached to the man, what’s left of your programming and fundraising?

All cable news ratings have tanked — especially Don Lemon’s whose show has lost over 30% of his viewership. Even the Grammy’s, which essentially promised to be woker than ever this year, lost over 53% of its viewership.   

The flailing in an attempt to find a profitable boogeyman will get worse before it gets better. Brace yourselves for an uptick in insanely ridiculous conspiracy theories from the left — a movement that we on the right would be correct in labeling: BlueAnon. 

• Tim Young is a political comedian and author of “I Hate Democrats/I Hate Republicans” (Post Hill Press).

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