- - Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Why has the Biden administration reversed policy toward the Palestinians (“U.S. gives $15 million to Palestinians to deal with COVID-19,” Web, March 25)? Is it just to differentiate itself from former President Trump or do they have a goal?

Who are the “Palestinian people”? Until 1964 the only people called Palestinians were Jews. Christians, Muslims and others living in the British Mandate for Palestine identified with their tribes and with the regions from which they migrated. Many just considered themselves to be Arabs.

In 1956, when America pulled out of the Aswan Dam project, Russia stepped in to fill the gap. In 1964, the KGB created the Palestine Liberation Organization. Its mission was to drive the infidels out of the Middle East. Its charter called for killing every Jew in Israel. Its modus operandi was terrorism. The KGB selected Yasir Arafat, an Egyptian soldier training in Russia, to lead the PLO. He became the first Arab to call himself a Palestinian.

It was only after the Arabs’ humiliating defeat in the 1967 Six-Day War that the term “Palestinian” came into common usage.

Why is America restoring Palestinian funding? Money is fungible. Designating money for COVID-19 frees up other money to fund pay-to-slay, for example. The PA rejected Israeli help with COVID-19, and refused shipments from the United Arab Emirates because the planes landed in Tel Aviv.

Mr. Trump cut funding to the intransigent PLO and fostered the Abraham Accords, a major development for Middle East normalization. The Peace to Prosperity plan laid out a map giving the PA more land than Egypt and Jordan had controlled, and giving Israel border security.

The Obama/Biden suggestion of a two-state solution based on the 1949 armistice lines is a backward step that will simply kick the can down the road, taking the U.S. out of the game. China has proposed hosting Palestinian-Israeli bilateral peace talks. How does that serve America’s interests?


Deerfield Beach, Fla.

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