- - Monday, May 17, 2021

Every ethnic subcategory was denigrated, vilified and ostracized at one point in America’s history. Italians, the Irish and Jews were all treated as the lowest form of humanity.

Many of these people were not stereotypically “white” — although they are considered so today — nor did they have any more money than the poorest of the poor. But through hard work and education of their children they rose above their lots, and have populated this country with millions now living the American dream their ancestors could only imagine.

The difference between those ethnic communities and what we have now with the Black community still struggling to collectively realize that dream is that the latter did not believe or become indoctrinated by the politicians vying for their vote and seeking nothing more than power. The Black community has not only bought into the Democratic politician wholeheartedly, but many of its members will protest against anyone who speaks about the oppression suffered from the liberal agenda, fostered and promoted by the American Democrat.

We see the movement from poverty to success with Hispanic communities throughout America. Many came to this country with nothing but desire and an amazing work ethic, and they’ve created successful businesses and raised children here, making our country better, richer and stronger.

It’s time that we collectively pulled together to raise up the Black community. That first involves stomping out that which keeps this community suppressed: the American Democrat, who lords over this nation like they are our authoritarian political masters. The political left is now also teaching the youth of this country the racist doctrine found in critical race theory, which sets apart White Americans and the history of White America as something to ostracize and hate.

The devil is always in the details, and the devil’s not only in the details of the liberal-Democratic agenda that’s feasting on our Constitution and history; he’s sitting at the head of the table.


Chesterfield, Va.

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