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“We’re demonizing white people for being born,” says Grace Church School’s head during an extraordinary exchange recorded by math teacher Paul Rossi. 

Mr. Rossi penned a letter titled “I Refuse to Stand by While My Students Are Indoctrinated,” which criticized the NYC school’s embrace of critical race theory (CRT). Within days, Mr. Rossi was relieved of his teaching duties while the school head still holds his job.

Race-focused education, also known as CRT, declares that the foundations of American society are inherently racist and exist solely to perpetuate the power of White people, especially White males. Our cultural, our political, legal, and economic systems, our religions, and the nuclear family itself are all systemically racist.

In San Francisco, New York City, and Loudon County, Virginia, outstanding public schools have been slammed by CRT proponents like Mayor Bill de Blasio as racist due to their rigorous entrance exams and student demographics, which skew to Asian and White children. Their recommended solution is to replace entrance exams with a lottery system based on racial quotas.

In Seattle, school district leaders are incorporating CRT in the mathematics curriculum. According to Education Week, this move will, “…infuse all K-12 math classes with ethnic-studies…that encourage students to explore how math has been “appropriated” by Western culture and used in systems of power and oppression.”

States like California, Virginia and New York are punishing motivated, successful students by eliminating gifted and talented programs and accelerated math tracks, all in the name of “equity.” Americans did not vote for dumbing down our schools which ultimately is a dumbing down of our nation’s children. When it comes to America competing globally, it’s hard to think of a more deliberate way to actually help countries like China “eat our lunch.”

Wisely, former President Trump banned Critical Race Theory throughout the federal government. President Biden, however, has reversed course and ordered the Department of Education to ram CRT ideology into our schools by tying federal grant money to its implementation.

Reflecting back on my public high-school education, I was fortunate to earn a spot in the Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry class. The class had students of all races. In fact, my lab partner who was Black was not only a top student but also one of the best athletes in Montgomery County, Maryland and went on to play in the NFL for a decade.

Black, Latino or Middle Eastern immigrant parents like mine should never have to see their children as the impetus for race-based curriculums, something that actually disadvantages children of all colors by robbing them of taking advanced science and math course. 

Unfortunately, there’s a new woke culture that says AP and honors science and math courses shouldn’t be taught because they are more strongly suited for one race over another. Critical Race Theory says we must hold back bright and ambitious brown and black students because Anglo and Asian-American students benefit more, while other ethnicities and races are disadvantaged. This is patently false, not based in science and is flat out racist.

Florida’s take-charge Gov. Ron DeSantis has already banned CRT in public schools, as have Republican governors in Oklahoma, Utah and Arkansas. Legislation banning the teaching of CRT is pending in a dozen states. Every state must do the same in order to preserve high quality education in America. Enough is enough of shaming White teachers and White students.

A 2019 report by the National Association of Scholars identified more than 75 colleges and universities offering segregated graduations. This spring, Columbia University in New York City will hold six segregated commencement ceremonies based on race, sexuality, and income levels. Segregating students this way is suicidal for our society, the most multi-cultural society in the world. CRT is causing the tribalization of America, and the fallout is driving division, animosity, and violence.

We must all stand with leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis who are valiantly fighting back against this blatant racism.

• Amanda Makki was a 2020 Republican candidate in Florida’s 13th Congressional district. She is a lawyer and frequent guest commentator on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and One America News Network (OANN). She tweets at @amandamakki.

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