- - Sunday, May 2, 2021

I just turned 76 and am a lifelong independent voter. I am no longer in the best of health, so before I leave this planet I want to vent my frustration on a long-discussed topic: the national debt. In his speech last week President Biden spoke glowingly of our country’s status and his future plans for the nation, which include about $2 trillion of additional future spending. To me his language was tantamount to what comes out of a bovine’s backside.

When President George W. Bush was elected, our national debt was just under $6 trillion. Today, about 20 years later, we are over $28 trillion and our president wants to add $2 trillion more. When Mr. Bush was elected, every citizen’s share of our debt was about $27,000 per person. Today that share exceeds $85,000 per person — or, looking at it another way, when a newborn takes their first breath they already owe our government $85,000.

It should be obvious that we have 536 elected officials who have not done their jobs. Congress is responsible for “keeping the purse” of our nation and they have failed miserably, as have past presidents.

Assuming Congress gets an attack of conscience and decides to reduce our debt by $250 billion per year, how long will it take to pay off our debt? At our current debt, 112 years. To that we must also add the interest we will be paying along the way. Add 32 years for that and we complete our payoff in 144 years. These abysmal digures are the ones about which our president and Congress are patting themselves on the back. All the current members of Congress will have long since turned to dust by the time we are debt-free.

Mr. President, just tell us this: By how much you are going to reduce our debt in each of your four years?


Gilbert, Ariz.

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