- - Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The biggest problem with all the educational and institutional race-based programs is that they were even considered from the very beginning. They should all have been shredded, taken to the nearest dump and burned.

There are no qualified educators, administrators, officials, companies or private citizens who can be trusted in the present climate to ensure a non-biased, safe and healthy environment for such obviously punitive, toxic gibberish. The caving in and cowardice of America, both in the private sector and in government, has enriched and emboldened a vengeful, materialistic and increasingly violent Black Lives Matter and their naive minions.

There should only be optional attendance at any such courses, and no reprisals against any who decline. The word mandatory should never be spoken or implied. But above all, we must realize there is no altruistic end game to this unspeakable mindset. It is a shockingly undisguised feeding frenzy to visit bloodletting and torture on America’s children, and through them, their parents — not for social justice’s sake, but for evil’s sake alone.


Thatcher, Ariz.

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