- - Monday, May 3, 2021

There appears to be an incredibly demeaning, patronizing and belittling arrogance among many Democratic “leaders.” To paraphrase our “great” and “unifying” President Biden, if you don’t fully agree with the Democrats and vote for them, “you ain’t Black” (“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls on Democratic official to resign for labeling Sen. Tim Scott an ‘oreo,’” Web, May 1).

News flash: African Americans, like any other group of Americans, are entitled to hold their own opinions, which may be in deep contrast to those of mainstream Democrats.

In fact, millions of African Americans voted for President Trump and other non-Democrats. These men and women understand that the Democratic Party is taking America down a very slippery, dangerous slope by exploiting racism to divide and conquer America.

God bless Sen. Scott for resisting this destructive power grab and speaking his conscience as a decent, intelligent and hardworking American leader.


Henderson, Nev.

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