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A new Department of Education draft rule promises schools that “incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives” into their history and civics programs will receive priority consideration for funding.

In layman’s terms, that means make way for the pushing of critical race theory, err, propaganda, into the most impressionable minds in America — the youth.

Why would schools — cash-strapped as they claim they are, led by leftists as they definitely are, filled with members of the Democratic-Socialists of America as they are, and fueled by Marxist-like rails against capitalism and the Constitution, as they are — why would these angry sources of anti-Americanism turn down taxpayer money just to teach something they believe in anyway?

Critical race theory is basically teaching a world view that starts with skin color, and then circles everything that happens in life back to that — to something for which one has no control: a physical feature. And that’s what makes CRT so deliciously enticing to Democrats. If everything is tied to race — if the existing constructs of a land, a government, a people can all be connected to an assumption of institutionalized racism — then personal accountability is not a factor. Anything an individual does is excusable; everything a person does is due to some other factor.

This flies in the face of American exceptionalism.

This flies in the face of America’s founding concept of individual rights coming from God, not government. How so?

At its root, critical race theory — using skin color as a lens to understand the world — is secular. It removes the God factor. It dismisses the idea that with God, through God, the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is possible for all and more than that, in America, available to all, regardless of race, regardless of sex, regardless of class. It brands success as luck and downtrodden as victims. It paints America as just another plot of land where the capitalistic pig has climbed the ladder of wealth on the broken, breaking backs of those who were born the wrong skin color.

Melting pot no more.

This is what President Biden wants to teach America’s youth.

“The federal Education Department just released a draft rule reaffirming President Joe Biden’s determination to push Critical Race Theory in US schools,” The New York Post wrote. “[It] specifically praises both Critical Race Theory king Ibram X. Kendi and The New York Times’ factually challenged ’1619 Project’ as where it wants to go.”

Once learned, once thrust onto the minds of America’s most vulnerable, make way for the massive overhaul of free society. A complete overhaul of the justice system is in order, a complete reworking of the economic system is in order, a complete reform of government is in order — because nothing says non-workable like a foundation built on ugly racism, right?

But just as a house built on sand cannot long stand, a country programmed to pit the races against each other is doomed to fall, too. The end result of warring factions, succumbing to civil war, is inevitable.

And that, of course, is the Democrats’ goal. Chaos breeds panic among the people, which breeds a people who beg for peace — which breeds an opportunistic, exploitative left that swoops to promise peace, peace, peace but only brings control, clamps on freedoms and societal collapse.

Critical race theory will kill America.

No time like the present to home-school.

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