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There are a lot of polls being released these days, making it clear that Joe Biden is not the man Americans were told he was. But the dramatic collapse in Mr. Biden’s polling is about more than that. The bigger story is we are seeing the reveal of Democrats’ failure to convince Americans that they are the problem.   

The culture war unfolding in this country results from Democrats believing fear and violence would finally seal the deal and convince average Americans they are irredeemably bigoted. That average Americans should retreat not just from public life but from their own lives and family. However, there is a growing realization by Americans that they were bamboozled not just by the Biden charade, but for the last half-century by the posturing and lecturing of the miserable and malevolent Left. 

It is becoming clear in various polls that they not only don’t like Mr. Biden but that the agenda of the American Left to manipulate and condition us into accepting their scorched earth campaign against American exceptionalism and values has failed. 

The people who should look closely and carefully at the current polls are the Democrats themselves. These are not the usual “snapshots” of a moment in time. Inside the poll numbers, they will see their massive effort to convince the American people into believing ugly lies about themselves and this country was a catastrophe. They have failed at convincing America to commit suicide.

Exhibit number one: Scott Rasmussen’s poll of 1200 registered voters from October 25-27 on how Americans view the electoral system. Democrats have tried to resist election integrity efforts for decades, arguing secure elections are somehow “racist.”  

Of the findings, Mr. Rasmussen’s report reveals, “Eighty-one percent (81%) of voters want all voting machines made in the United States. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that just 8% are opposed, and 11% are unsure. The survey also found that 88% want to see a requirement for states to remove people who have died or moved from voter registration lists; 85% want all voters to show photo ID before casting a ballot, and 82% want all ballots to be received by Election Day.” 

For decades the American Left has been haranguing the American people about how the American system had to be wholly transformed because of bigotry in general and racism in particular. It was baked into the system, we’ve been told, unchangeable and irredeemable. That, of course, is a lie, but it’s what the Left relies on. 

These astounding poll numbers reflect a monumental failure by the Democrats to convince voters that eviscerating the security of our voting system is the solution. Once again, the Democratic argument relies on their racist dogma that people of color are too infantile to participate in American life. Thank goodness we have increasing proof the American people are saying no to that bigotry.

A compliant and sympathetic media tried to sell the Democratic message that somehow showing an ID to vote was racist, but the American people didn’t buy it. The American people refuse to throw this country into a dumpster because malevolent social justice warriors hate the country and want us to set it on fire.

The generational failure of the Left has also been evident in how parents across all political, racial, and economic lines have come together, rejecting the monstrous transformation of our public schools into leftist indoctrination centers. Oh sure, the Democrats control the unions and are destroying the teachers’ unions. But in the process, they lost American parents.

Not only have we seen parents step up at school board meetings, defending their children and their exclusive right as the moral compass for their children. They rejected the awful notion of co-parenting with the government. The ultimate rejection of this stark overreach by the Left to consume the nation’s children was powerfully evident in the recent Virginia election and state and local races, with conservatives being elected to school boards and other offices across the country.

Another exhibit which the Democrats should heed is the Harvard CAPS/Harris poll of October 26-28. What made the most news was the dramatic collapse of Mr. Biden’s approval rating, but there was more in that poll that legacy media did not want to talk about.  

The Afghanistan catastrophe was undoubtedly the tipping point for Americans as they realized something was very wrong with how (and by whom) the White House was making decisions. Now, one headline from this poll brutally reports, “Most voters do not approve Biden’s job performance in any given area.” On social issues, the banner of the Left in control of Mr. Biden and the Democrat party, Americans are equally as appalled. They say the attorney general treating American parents as terrorists is wrong, and the memo doing so should be retracted. Critical race theory should not be taught, and children should be taught to ignore race. Voters say there are only two genders. They oppose defunding the police (in fact want more police) and ending cash bail. These and on many other issues, the poll found Americans have rejected the agenda of today’s leftist Democratic party.  

The excellent news for this country is after all these decades of being lectured at, the American people stayed steady and did not slip into that dark night the Democrats and leftists wanted for us.

• Tammy Bruce, the author, host at Fox Nation, and contributor at Fox News, is a radio talk-show host.

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