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The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, sent a somewhat threatening message Republicans’ way, telling them that if they dared oppose the 11 million illegals who President Biden wants to let cross to America, there would be you-know-what on ye olde Mexican political circuit to pay.

On one hand, yawn. Who cares what Mexico’s president thinks about GOPers in America? On the other hand — wtfreak. Is Biden really so weak as to spark threats and intimidation attempts, thinly veiled as they might be, from Mexico?


In a recent press briefing about America granting amnesty to 11 million illegals who traveled through Mexico to U.S. soil, Lopez Obrador gave high marks to Biden, for supporting such a notion. Then he scolded any “legislators from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party” who might dare to resist.

“We will make it known from here [in Mexico], that one party — their legislators — did not help something that is fair and humanitarian,” Lopez Obrador said, in an apparent reference to Republicans who might stand in the way of Biden’s open door to 11 million illegals, Breitbart reported.

Wow. It’s one thing for a president of the United States to incur the wrath of Russia, and face down Vladimir Putin. That’s expected; Russia is a long-time adversary with considerable reach and influence.

It’s one thing to fuel the ire from North Korea, and go toe-to-toe with Kim Jong-un. Again — expected.

It’s one thing to provoke the anger of China and butt heads with Xi Jinping. Expected. Notably, totally, reliably expected.

But Mexico?


Apparently, Biden has become so weak that Americans must not only deal with his feckless behaviors on the domestic front, and his Barack Obama-style apology tours on the international stage, but now bear, too, the indignities of suffering threats from points south — from a place where the GDP is about one-twentieth of America’s; where the military’s funding in pesos is barely a blip in terms of comparison to what U.S. taxpayers foot for defense and national security bills; and where, to this day, it’s still widely warned: Don’t drink the water; for God’s sake! Don’t drink the water.

“If legislators from one party block this initiative, we will call them out at a later time in a respectful manner,” Lopez Obrador said, The Hill reported

Great. But any “call out” on the part of Mexico’s pols against America’s Congress, no matter how “respectful,” is disrespectful.

Sadly, this is what a Biden administration brings.

America may have 1.37 million troops to Mexico’s 193,000, according to NationMaster statistics. America may have 8,725 tanks to Mexico’s 567, and 3,318 combat aircraft to Mexico’s 58, according to the same site.

But America’s also got Biden.

And Biden‘s inability to show himself as a strong leader on either national or international stages practically wipes out all of the material, military or monetary plusses that America holds.

He’s weak, weak, weak, and the whole world knows it — even Mexico. It won’t be long before Iran gets its nuclear treaty; China, its control of Taiwan, as well as its domination of America’s economy; Russia, its takeover of Ukraine; and Mexico, its amnesty drive for 11 million.

Next up?

“Mexicans Want Texas and the Southern US Desert Back,” read one headline from Business Insider in 2017.

Why not. With Biden at the helm, anything is possible. Anything, that is, for foreign governments. The White House is wide open for the taking.

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