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Democrats say they want to make voting more accessible and easier than ever. There’s no-excuse absentee voting in Virginia. Election Day in the Commonwealth has been declared a state holiday. The requirements to show a photo ID prior to casting a ballot were eliminated, and early voting was expanded to 45 days before the election in the state.

Yet, on Tuesday, there was something many election officials across Virginia adamantly required of voters before they were allowed to cast their ballot: A face mask.

Virginia’s coronavirus cases have declined 35% in the last 14 days, and it ranks 13th in the nation among the lowest new COVID-19 cases per capita. Sixty-three percent of its population has been fully vaccinated - with only 10 other states outperforming it - and the state’s universal mask mandate was eliminated in May.

So why the mandate at polling stations? The answer is simple: Desperate democrats clinging to the COVID-19 pandemic to try to rig elections.

It is no secret, those showing up to vote yesterday without a face mask were most likely Glenn Youngkin supporters. There’s no easier way to intimidate them than to require them to don a face covering before entering the polling station.

To be clear: Virginia state law states that an individual cannot be turned away from voting for not wearing a mask.

Still, that didn’t stop many election officials from manning the polling place entryway and telling individuals they needed to mask up or would be denied entry. No disposable masks were offered. Excuses like “it’s a school” were used, although no children were in the building because it was a holiday.

Many voters complied, but others did not. Multiple complaints were lodged to the Republican National Committee, and both the Youngkin campaign and VA GOP had to spend money to text their voters: “URGENT: Some voting locations are asking voters to wear a mask in order to vote. YOU CANNOT BE TURNED AWAY FOR NOT WEARING A MASK.”

Before election day, it was agreed by both parties, masks would be optional, an election officer could request voters wear one but not require it, and if the voter refused to comply, curbside voting could be offered to them. In the case the voter refused that, they could be ushered into the voting booth.

It wasn’t an ideal agreement and was interpreted by many Democratic election officials to mean “mask up or get out,” knowing those turned away most likely wouldn’t be voting for their guy anyway.

Democrats claim voting is the most fundamental right, yet they willingly tried to block the ballot box to thousands if not millions of Virginians.

Republicans need to remain vigilant in protecting election integrity throughout the nation, for Democrats’ only mission is to seize power, and they have no qualms breaking the law to do so.

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