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A unique and heartfelt book arrives Tuesday, written by James Golden — known to millions of radio listeners as “Bo Snerdley,” the longtime executive producer for the late Rush Limbaugh’s blockbuster talk radio show.

He has written “Rush on the Radio” — both a salute to the man himself and a meticulous chronicle of the program and the creative but disciplined forces behind its success.

“Rush was the first national media figure of consequence to openly, and daily, call liberals out for being a destructive force in the American body politic. And he did so by creating a bond with his audience, the likes of which never existed before,” wrote Mr. Golden, who held his post for over 30 years.

“I’ve never wanted to portray Rush Limbaugh as some kind of demigod. He was a man, in many respects like any other man. But here is where he was different from most. He was willing to stand and take the arrows the Left launched at him for over three decades — because he dared tell the political truth,” the author said.

Mr. Golden also offers significant commentary about restless politics, the heritage of talk radio itself and the authentic affection between Mr. Limbaugh and his audience.

“When I speak with listeners about their love and respect for the man, I confess that I feel the same way and say, ‘I just had a better seat.’ They were in their cars, and I was in the studio,” the author wrote.

Limbaugh was heard on over 600 radio stations, drawing as many as 20 million listeners. He died of lung cancer on Feb. 21 at age 70.

“This is a beautiful tribute to Rush — his patriotism and his character told in a way that only James Golden can,” said former President Donald Trump in a statement.

Mr. Golden, by the way, is now an afternoon host for WABC-AM in New York City. The book was published by All Seasons Press — which is centered around “the best writers, politicians and pundits in the conservative movement,” according to its mission statement.


Inside the Beltway’s old friend “Deep Woods” has emerged with some wisdom about the current political dynamics at the White House. This longtime Washington Times reader does indeed live in the woods of northern New England. Here’s his comment for today.

“Is President Biden going to run again? I don’t know. News coverage and polls, however, indicate that Vice President Kamala Harris has lost her public appeal. She could get dropped from the Biden/Harris ticket in 2024. If this is the case, the Democratic Party might as well ask Michelle Obama to step up as Mr. Biden’s running mate,” Mr. “Woods” says.

“Democrats have no bench here. So why not Michelle? ‘O’ is running the show anyway,” he adds, referring to former President Barack Obama.


Wondering how the presidential poll numbers are faring in these complex times? A CBS News poll reveals that 56% of U.S. adults disapprove of the overall job President Biden is doing.

Also, 67% disapprove of the way he is dealing with inflation, 64% disapprove of his handling of immigration, 61% disapprove of his handling of the economy, 58% disapprove of his foreign policy, and 56% of the way he has dealt with race relations.

The poll found that 53%, however, approve of Mr. Biden’s policy toward COVID-19 vaccine distribution. And on another issue, 64% rate the U.S. economy as either “fairly bad” or “very bad.” See more numbers and the survey particulars in the Poll du Jour at column’s end.


The Farm Bureau reports that the price of the Thanksgiving Day meal is up by 14% — apparent to anyone who has recently set foot in a grocery store.

This has prompted the Republican National Committee to cite a report by NBC News analyst Vicky Nguyen which suggested ways to save money this week.

“Forego the turkey. If you tell everyone you’re having a Thanksgiving without turkey, some guests may drop off the list — and that’s a way to cut costs, too,” Ms. Nguyen advised.

“So how can you afford Thanksgiving in [President] Biden’s America? Skipping it all together. With prices rising so rapidly, and with Biden’s determination to waste trillions on socialist pet projects that will only send prices even higher, it’s no wonder 67% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation. After all, he caused it in the first place,” the GOP countered, citing a figure from the aforementioned CBS News poll.


During his campaign, Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin staged an energetic, cheerful campaign.

He is now following up with “thank you rallies” — a style of public outreach from the playbook of former President Donald Trump. He organized so many after the 2016 election that the effort became known as the “Thank You Victory Tour.”

Mr. Youngkin has more tour events scheduled for Tuesday, one in Gate City and two in Abingdon, where he’ll also help package donations at a local food bank.


Well, someone has some money to spend, and spend it they did — on famous guitars at a Los Angeles event staged Saturday by Julien’s Auctions. Here are the storied guitars, who played them, and what they sold for:

Eric Clapton’s “stage-played” 1968 Martin D-45 guitar sold for $625,000; U2 lead guitarist the Edge’s 1976 Gibson Explorer electric guitar went for $437,500. A 1957 Reissue Fender Stratocaster used on tour by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour sold for $200,000, while Elvis Presley’s stage-played 1972 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar fetched $187,500.

And two more: Amy Winehouse’s blue Fender Stratocaster sold for $153,600; Eddie Van Halen’s EVH Fender “Frankenstrat” guitar signed by him and his brother Alex Van Halen brought in $83,200.


• 82% of U.S. adults say items they usually buy cost more than they did “not long ago.”

• 64% say such items are often not in stock; 55% say they take longer to be delivered.

• 37% say higher prices for goods and services have been “difficult but not a financial hardship.”

• 29% say these prices are “an inconvenience but not difficult.”

• 24% say they present a “financial hardship”; 10% say their finances have not been affected.

SOURCE: A CBS News poll of 2,058 U.S. adults conducted Nov. 15-19.

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