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Second of two parts

Last week, Dr. Eric Rubin, a member of the FDA panel reviewing COVID-19 vaccines for children, said the quiet part out loud: “We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.” It was a window into the dangers of near-total government control over health care. 

In this second installment of this two-part series, more questions about COVID-19 and our pandemic response for which we may never have answers due to manipulation of data, medical cancel culture, and the discarding of traditional scientific and medical protocols. 

How extensive were reported hospital shortages?

Throughout the pandemic, reports of hospitals being “full” and shortages of beds made headlines scream. Due to incomplete and sloppy reporting, we don’t know how many hospital beds were actually staffed or how many were full of COVID-19 patients. For instance, a hospital with 1000 beds may be considered “full” with only 500 beds occupied because that’s the number that are staffed at any given time. It makes for a great headline but certainly doesn’t tell the whole story, nor is the capacity issue necessarily the fault of a spike in serious COVID-19 cases. Remember, an asymptomatic COVID-19 hip replacement patient is considered a COVID-19 patient. 

What is the true effectiveness of the vaccine?

It is clear that in terms of mitigating the severity of COVID-19, the vaccine has a degree of effectiveness. However, when we hear the numbers, it’s often the companies who self-report the efficacy of a vaccine from which they are profiting. It’s a staggering conflict of interest that impacts the reliability of the data. 

Like the flu vaccine, the effectiveness of the current vaccines being pushed on Americans is already waning due to virus mutations. The bombshell Lancet study from late last month further contradicts the government’s top messaging point that the vaccine prevented the spread of the virus when it stated, “this study also, unfortunately, highlights that the vaccine effects on reducing transmission is minimal in the context of the delta variant circulation.” The President continues to suggest the exact opposite to justify mandates. 

We will never know the true effectiveness because we are force-vaccinating virtually everyone regardless of natural immunity. Virology and immunology 101 is simple – you don’t vaccinate people against a virus from which they’ve recovered. Our approach is novel and taints the data, regardless of what the companies or the FDA says. 

What is the true extent of vaccine side effects?

Big Tech and Big Media have attempted to scrub virtually all scientific discussions about the extent of any potential side effects to the vaccine. We will never know the true extent of any adverse impacts. Physicians are not charting their concerns over possible connections between vaccination and adverse health impacts out of fear of being disciplined. The HHS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System likely represents only a small number of adverse incidents or deaths potentially associated with the vaccine, and not even those are being fully investigated. Health care providers have voiced many complaints about being locked out or kicked off of VAERS after completing the cumbersome reporting form.

Critics of VAERS reporting rightly contend that an entry does not prove a definitive connection between the vaccine and the adverse event. But more reports have been filed concerning the COVID-19 vaccines in the last year than all other vaccines combined for the three decades. That, at least, should prompt a robust response from the government, medical and scientific community. It hasn’t. The White House and the press have thoroughly discredited VAERS. 

If we find out anything at all, it may take decades, during which time Big Pharma will be indemnified by the government. The government has designed the system to ensure pharmaceutical companies avoid all liability.  

How many people only took the vaccine because of financial coercion or fear of other retribution?

Tens of thousands of health care workers, cops, teachers and others are being fired for objecting to President Biden’s vaccine mandates. The personal and economic damage from that medically unnecessary and arguably unconstitutional policy can be quantified. What we’ll never know is how many Americans were coerced into compliance. The public vilification and efforts to silence objectors have been coordinated and vicious. Natural immunity has been attacked, legitimate medical exemptions nullified, and rights of conscience dismissed as lunacy. You can’t blame people for buckling under the pressure, and they likely have by the millions.

Was COVID-19 a biological weapon?

We know globalists care little about protecting our own research and intellectual property. When it comes to chem-bio research, their world view even stretches to cooperation with America’s greatest strategic threat, communist China. The NIH has finally admitted to funding some gain of function research at the Wuhan lab after denying the lab-leak theory was plausible for more than a year. Medical bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, the intel community, the shadowy network of grant recipients like Eco Health Alliance, and the Chinese government will never allow direct evidence that any research was perverted into a weapon.  

• Tom Basile is the host of “America Right Now” and “Wake Up America Weekend” on Newsmax Television, author and former Bush Administration official.

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