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The way Big Pharma is headed, it won’t be long before every American, every man, woman and child will need a vaccine, booster or pill — or better yet, a combination of all — as a means of fighting off infection.

Natural immunity? These guys, along with their partners in politics, would have it believed such doesn’t exist. They’re the drug pushers of modern time.

And what a racket they run: government-sanctioned addiction.

There’s a reason why sleeping pills come with a warning; there’s a reason why doctors caution against overprescribing antibiotics; there’s a reason why there was an opioid crisis in this country. Mess with the body’s natural systems long enough, and those natural systems get out of whack. 

That’s a good reminder for these coronavirus times.

Fueled by fear, Americans have been treated to pressures to vaccinate against COVID-19, with promises of vaccine efficacy up to and possibly surpassing 95%; followed by government threats and intimidation to vaccinate; followed by government mandates to vaccinate; followed by private sector pick-up of government mandates to ensure vaccination of employees — as conditions of working, as conditions of working without ridiculous testing requirements, as conditions of being able to live a life that’s free of “I am zee law” unlawful overreaches by government-slash-corporate tyrants.

In between, vaccination efficacy has fallen.

The promised results were watered.

The spinmeisters were called upon to spin the watered efficacy results and pretend the initial efficacy promises were something they were not. Psychologists call this gaslighting.

Now, the 95% efficacy of Pfizer’s COVID-29 vaccine has fallen to 84% in one study and to 75% in another. The 95% efficacy of Moderna has fallen to 90% in one study. The 94% efficacy of Johnson & Johnson has fallen to 72% in one category — for overall efficacy — and to 86% in another, for efficacy against moderate and severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Whom to believe? What to believe?

So then come the boosters.

“Fauci: Boosters Are for Keeping People Healthy, Not Alive,” The Atlantic reported in September, on the nation’s top disease health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“Fauci says three shots will be the ‘optimal regimen’ of vaccination,” The Washington Post reported in late September.

“Fauci tamps down concern about Covid-19 booster review process,” Politico reported in October. “The top infectious disease doctor said data gathered in the United States and elsewhere points toward the need for the booster shots.”

But wasn’t this all supposed to be about saving lives? Somehow, somewhere along the line, that line of logic has been tossed. Now, it’s about keeping healthy, a far less measurable standard — and one that doesn’t even meet the test of truth when it comes to forcing COVID-19 shots into the arms of kids who by and large, by a massively large percentage, by a humongously huge proportion, don’t even get sick from the coronavirus. They may get infected — they may be thrown in the government statistics on case counts. But sick? Sick enough to hospitalize? Sick enough to call the family and ring in the pastor and alert the funeral directors? Nope. Much as the left tries to paint this picture of dismal youth COVID-19-tied health impacts, it just ain’t true. Even mainstream media acknowledges that.

“Terry McAuliffe keeps inflating coronavirus numbers,” The Post’s fact-checking section wrote, above the Four Pinocchios affixed to the failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate’s repeated false claims. Then again, this was the guy who called out his opponent — you know, the one who won, Glenn Youngkin — as an “anti-vaxxer,” despite the fact he’s fully vaccinated. 

But this is how Big Pharma and Democrats seeking to control the population have been acting all along the chain of coronavirus considerations — as if only emergency authorized medical treatments can save the human race and that anyone who stops to question the obvious deceptions in data is a threat to humanity. And because threats to humanity can result in lives lost, all lies, in the minds of Big Pharma, Big Government, are acceptable and reasonable — so long as they further the agendas of Big Pharma and Big Government, that is.

Look at the coming coronavirus pills.

“Pfizer Says Its Antiviral Pill Is Highly Effective in Treating Covid,” The New York Times just wrote.

Highly effective; what does that mean?

“Experimental Pfizer pill prevents Covid hospitalizations and deaths,” STAT wrote. The story went on to specify that this particular pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 by 89% in certain patients.

But that’s according to Pfizer.

The pill has not been put to peer review. If this pill’s efficacy goes the way of Pfizer’s vaccine, that means its efficacy could fall by 20 or so percentage points in just a few months. Besides, how do you count the number of patients a pill saved from dying?

Think about it.

That’s the same way climate alarmists sell their alarmism. The same way gun control fruitcakes sell their fright. The same way Fauci sold his clampdowns.

That’s the reason individual choice must now and always govern medical matters in America.

“U.S. pharmaceutical companies are expected to collect more revenue from COVID-19 vaccines in the third quarter than they did in the entire first half of the year, and that money should continue to grow,” MarketWatch reported in November.

“The ‘COVID-industrial complex’ — a web of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and politicians — are profiting off the pandemic at the expense of the public,” Business Insider wrote in March.

“‘Wealth increase of 10 men during pandemic could buy vaccines for all,’” BBC wrote in January. Among the 10? Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk. Bill Gates.

Messing with natural immunity is great for bottom lines.

The great bamboozle goes forth. 

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