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We’ve all read about fascism in our history books. Now, to say that the leaders of the Democrat Party are increasingly embracing its principles is no longer hyperbole. 

American fascism is here, and the faces of this terrifying turn for our society are not hiding in the shadows, obfuscating their methods, or spinning their motives. Backed by their allies in Big Tech and the left-wing media who dutifully serve as Ministers of Propaganda, the monitoring, censoring, intimidation, and punishment have begun. 

Fascism has several key attributes, including severe economic and social regimentation and forcible suppression of opposition.
Attorney General Merrick Garland is the capo tasked with weaponizing the government against dissent. While homicides and crime skyrocket, the Department of Justice is training its sights on what they call “the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.” 

That’s right, if you think that there are only two genders or that schools shouldn’t teach that all white people are inherently racist, the federal government may consider you a domestic terrorist. Garland has established a federal task force to deal with parents pushing back against CRT despite a lack of evidence of “criminal” behavior to justify it.

The same Democrats who looked the other way when BLM and ANTIFA were torching America’s cities, killing civilians, and attacking cops, are coming for parents. 

New York Governor Kathy Hochul makes the list as well for forcing the firing of thousands of people because they won’t comply with a medically unnecessary vaccine mandate. Like a cult leader, Hochul has even taken to wearing a gold necklace that says “Vaxxed” on her chest. 

Dedicated physicians, nurses, and teachers are being escorted out of their places of work like criminals because they dare to question the agenda of the Left and medical bureaucrats. 

Financial coercion over COVID-19 vaccines is the newest weapon in American fascism’s arsenal against its opposition. It is the American version of the secret police putting a gun to someone’s head and perhaps the most oppressive move by America’s government since the forced internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. 

Social and economic regimentation is the objective of Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion welfare expansion scheme. Creating a larger dependency class paid for by a small number of taxpayers is the kind of society that breeds contempt, division, a lack of personal initiative, and greater state power. 

Next to Mr. Sanders, Governor Gavin Newsom is the poster boy for this societal transformation. He continues to spend $100 billion per year on welfare programs. Proving that fascism is about control rather than helping people live better lives, California remains the poverty capital of the U.S. 

Then there’s President Joe Biden. It remains unclear how much of this he supports or is even aware of, but history will record that American fascism gained a foothold under his watch. 

Intense class warfare and racially charged rhetoric aren’t the only ways Mr. Biden hopes to divide the nation to remake the social and cultural order. The President recently nominated Saule Omarova, a Moscow University-educated academic, to regulate the U.S. banking system. Omarova has praised the Soviet economic system and believes that the government should dictate wages. Biden’s administration is ready and willing to utilize the outsized power of the Executive Branch to advance both cultural and economic transformation. His proposal to monitor Americans’ bank accounts is another example. 

Mr. Biden’s shrug at the behavior of leftist activists against Senator Krysten Sinema will only fuel more coordinated intimidation efforts. 
These power-players, along with the Big Tech oligarchs and Soros activists, seek to create a dependent society where neighbor is turned against neighbor. 

It’s an America where people constantly feel under a microscope and so terrified to exercise their personal liberties, they become desperate to bargain away their rights for some measure of privacy or independence.  

It’s unprecedented. If pro-freedom Americans don’t rise up, recovery might not be possible. 

• Tom Basile hosts “America Right Now” and “Wake Up America Weekend” on Newsmax Television, author, and former Bush Administration official.

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