- - Monday, September 13, 2021

It is a great honor to address this important event of the Iranian Resistance taking place at an extremely critical juncture for the international community and for the Iranian people. Now is the time to get rid of the genocidal regime of the Mullahs.

Many ex-officials and ministers attending this NCRI Summit are concerned about Mullahs’ human rights violations, secret nuclear program, Iran’s meddling in other countries’ affairs.

We all know the real face of the regime in Villepinte three years ago with the terrorist plot engineered by the regime and almost executed by Assadollah Assadi, the regime’s diplomat-spy based in Vienna.

For the first time in Europe, a national court imposed maximum penalty on Assadollah Assadi and his accomplices.

It is necessary to take a firm action against embassies and consular offices. These “outposts” of terror must be immediately closed and definitely removed.

It is no more acceptable to deal with those, like Ebrahim Raisi, who have on their hands the blood of tens of thousands of Iranians.

The regime is weak; it is facing numerous crises and an explosive society. The Mullahs’ regime does everything it can to eliminate the MEK and the NCRI as the only democratic alternative for Iran. It even opens the way for and helps the remnants of the Shah’s monarchy to appear as an opposition group competing the MEK and the NCRI..

If the West wants to be effective, it must acknowledge the democratic alternative that the corrupt clerical regime is trying to hide under a tremendous amount of demonization and through the buying the media and journalists and others.

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