- - Monday, September 13, 2021

It is such a pleasure to be with you, Madame Rajavi. I wish that we could be together as we were in 2018.

I remember those days outside of Paris in the suburbs, when you literally had 100,000 people coming to support your efforts to overturn the regime in Iran. Little did any of us know at the time that while we were there, in Villepinte, that the regime’s tentacles had reached out and were plotting to have a mass terrorist attack on that event. I bring that up because I think it’s important to understand that Iran does not just persecute its own people within its own borders, but its reach goes global. The regime is able to reach out and to assassinate those who disagree with it. They send out their propagandists to attack Madame Rajavi and the POMI. They are on the assault constantly to try to keep those who want to bring democracy to Iran in check.

We heard from General Jones and from others on the incredible consequence of a sham election this year in Iran, in which an actual butcher was elected. This is not a man whose hands are only dipped in blood. This is a man whose whole body has been dipped in the blood of martyrs for freedom in Iran. And it is a striking commentary how little we have heard from Western countries about the election of this man. He is not somebody that reasonable governments, the democratic governments, should deal with. This is not someone who is a representative of the people of Iran. He is simply a representative of the Mullahs and their ironclad control.

I would say the time is now, the time is now for those who support freedom in democracy in Iran to rise up to make their voices heard. And for those of us in the West, who already enjoy those freedoms, to stand with those who are, in fact, the beacons of freedom for the people of Iran. Thank you so much, Madame Rajavi for once again pulling us all together, and I am hopeful that the next time it is not simply on camera, but that we are able to see each other face to face and to support your valiant efforts.

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