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Below are excerpts from President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Maryam Rajavi’s speech given on July 10, 2021.

In this summit, we hear the voices of the Iranian people, the rebels and protesters, as well as freedom advocates who say that the Mullahs’ regime is at an impasse and staring at its impending overthrow. The Iranian people and their Resistance are advancing towards victory and will ultimately liberate Iran.

Our society is besieged by religious tyranny, the Coronavirus, and hunger, but it is also harboring within itself volcanic uprisings.

The Iranian Resistance had previously predicted and announced how the clerical regime would purge and eliminate its internal factions on its path to solidify power in the terminal phase of its rule. The truth in this prognosis was proved after the regime’s election sham, which marked the greatest defeat and disgrace in the clerical regime’s history.

Yes, the Mullahs’ religious fascism chose the henchman of the 1988 massacre to solidify their rule and close ranks, to preserve their power, and to prevent their inevitable overthrow in the face of looming uprisings. But they have actually dug their own graves. They are like a scorpion that stings itself after being surrounded by flames. Only the regime’s fear of the uprisings and the supreme leader’s political demise can explain Raisi’s taking office.

Squad of Cannibals

Raisi was among the perpetrators of the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, 90% of whom were affiliated with the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (PMOI/MEK). Before and after that, he was involved in the torture and execution of thousands of other people.

Now, let us examine the regime’s current situation: a henchman heads the Executive Branch; an executioner and a notorious torturer by the name of Eje’i heads the Judiciary Branch; and a bloodthirsty Mullah is at the helm of the entire regime. Indeed, the squad of cannibals is now complete. Khamenei has brought a mass murderer who is himself at the center of the regime’s problems. The Velayat-e Faqih regime is thus digging a deeper hole. He is treading a path that leads straight to the graveyard.

Three major developments

All this is the regime’s reaction to an era distinguished by three major developments.

First, the regime is politically and socially in a state of emergency, grappling with rampant crises;

Second, Iranian society has entered a phase of upheavals and uprisings since December 2017;

And third, a nationwide network has emerged, which is comprised of courageous, selfless rebels who keep alight the flames of the Resistance Units’ fight against symbols of religious fascism.

In this era, pseudo-solutions and fabricated or virtual alternatives will not have the critical space needed to maneuver.

Fake notions of moderation and reformism will lose color, and the only brilliant option remaining will be a revolution and the regime’s overthrow.

The Iranian people and Resistance are marching towards victory and Iran will be free.

Freedom is the answer for Iran

In the face of religious fascism, which looks for a solution among detested henchmen and mass murderers, the Iranian people find their answer and their victorious solution in a freedom-loving Resistance and in establishing a free Iran.

To achieve this glorious objective, the Iranian Resistance’s asset and greatest backing are the furious masses who are not satisfied with anything less than the overthrow of this regime.

Our asset is the rebellion and revolt of the army of youths who took to the streets in November 2019.

And our power comes from a nationwide network of Resistance Units who have been working ceaselessly every day of the year. In this historic confrontation between tyranny and freedom, the Mullahs’ problem, as they have repeatedly declared, is the PMOI’s organizational structure. This is just what they were trying to do in the 1988 massacre; they sought to eradicate the PMOI’s organizational structure in prisons and torture chambers.

After the uprising in December 2017-January 2018 and once again after the November 2019 uprising, the Mullahs’ supreme leader spoke out furiously against the PMOI as the entity leading the uprisings.

The role of the Iranian Resistance in contemporary history

Over the past 40 years, the NCRI has been tested numerous times for its freedom, independence, durability, and capability. It has played a unique role in Iran’s contemporary history and is the viable alternative for establishing a democratic republic.

According to its platform, six months after the overthrow of the Mullahs’ regime, the NCRI will hand power over to the Constituent and Legislative Assembly to start drafting the Constitution of the new Republic.

When Khomeini was executing the generation of countless freedom-lovers and wiping out all political groups, and when all seemed lost, the Iranian Resistance and the National Liberation Army emerged as a decisive force, compelling Khomeini to drink the poison chalice of the ceasefire with Iraq. Otherwise, Khomeini intended to reach the Mediterranean and conquer Jerusalem, as he said, through Karbala.

It was again this Resistance that saved the world from the threat of the regime’s atomic bomb. Had it not made at least 120 series of revelations about the Mullahs’ secret nuclear sites and activities, the Mullahs would have plunged the world into a terrible situation by acquiring a nuclear weapon.

By presenting the reality of Islam as a genuine religion of mercy and liberation, the PMOI provides an effective antithesis against clerical fundamentalism and religious tyranny. This movement is the endpoint of religious division and discrimination and the starting point of the brotherhood of various religions and creeds. It is the only example across the Middle East where a Muslim opposition movement can defend the principle of separation of religion and state.

The Iranian Resistance also defends with a clear plan the right to autonomy for all oppressed ethnic minorities within the framework of Iran’s unity and territorial integrity.

Likewise, the Iranian Resistance holds up the banner of just relations based on respect for independence, national sovereignty, and mutual interests with its neighbors and the world.

The Iranian Resistance’s Experience

The Iranian Resistance’s experience is a concise summary of the Iranian people’s 120-year struggle for freedom.

The great experience of the Iranian people and Resistance since the outset on June 20, 1981, can be summed up in the phrase “neither the Shah nor the Sheikh (mullahs).” This is the true, essential, and necessary meaning of freedom and independence in action.

Our 40 years of experience has proven that religious dictatorship does not lead to reform or transformation.

The so-called reformist and moderate currents, or the sham election, have been used as a pretext to conceal the objective conditions ready to overthrow the regime. Internationally, the 40-year experience of the Iranian Resistance leaves no doubt that the threat for government policies has always been complacency with this regime; the danger of giving in to the regime’s blackmail; and sacrificing the Iranian people’s Resistance and human rights for commercial and political interests.

And the experience of 40 years of formidable struggle proves that the ruling regime will not change unless it is overthrown through an uprising.

Having understood this need, the Mojahedin pave the way for the Iranian people’s freedom through greater dedication and devotion to the cause and making more sacrifices to multiply their resolve and strengthen the struggle.

Believing in the human capacity

Our determination to struggle and overthrow the regime stem from our belief in human potential.

We believe that every member of this Resistance, every supporter of this movement, every member of the Resistance Units, can achieve the impossible, and every free human being who helps this movement by a pen, or a coin, or a step is decisive. We bow to any person or party, or group that seeks to overthrow the regime and establish freedom in Iran. And we never have and will never give preference to our groups interests over what can more quickly free Iran from its captivity.

It is not our policy to wait and see. On the contrary, we have always taken practical initiative.

For example, on gender equality, we have already started to implement what we want for tomorrow’s society, and we have cherished women’s leadership in the ranks of this Resistance.

As for a nuclear-free Iran, we have already started working on it and have closed the pathway for the regime.

And as for independence, which should be the fundamental principle governing the destiny of our country, we have already started on this path by applying it to ourselves.

We have never sacrificed our principles and values for political expediency.

We have never backed down on the notion of “freedom.” We have been insisting on the regime’s overthrow for 40 years. And we will press on it mightily, and we will continue to hammer it so hard on the wall of repression so that it will crumble, and Iran will be free.

We want freedom, democracy, and equality

But what do we and our people want? And how do we get there?

Our will and that of our people can be summed up in these three words: freedom, democracy, and equality.

As far as the international community is concerned, we ask it to recognize the struggle of the Iranian people to overthrow this regime and recognize these three concepts.

We want to bring to justice the Mullahs’ supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, his president, Ebrahim Raisi, his Judiciary Chief Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje’i, and others responsible for the 1988 massacre on charges of committing crimes against humanity and genocide.

We urge the UN Security Council to arrange for the international prosecution of Mullah Raisi and holding him accountable for crimes against humanity and to refuse to accept his presence at the next session of the UN General Assembly.

We say that the Mullahs’ regime will never give up the project of acquiring nuclear weapons, its export of terrorism, and its incitement of war in the region. Therefore, as the main threat to peace and security, it must be subjected to international sanctions under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter.

The Prosecution of Khamenei, Raisi, and Eje’i

The historic expiration date of the religious dictatorship has arrived. Khamenei, the enemy of the Iranian people, must go. This criminal Mullah killed thousands of young people during the November 2019 uprising.

He is the one who ordered the gasoline price hike and supported the successive price hike of other basic staples. He is the one who deliberately spread the Coronavirus and prevented the import of vaccines.

Khamenei bears the ultimate responsibility for the deaths of more than 320,000 of our compatriots from this disease, a disaster that was preventable to a large extent.

Khamenei and his regime make millions of Iranians go hungry in order to amass billions of dollars of wealth through his foundations.

One must ask: Isn’t the country’s wealth and income far greater than the needs and shortages of the society? Then why do millions of people have to sleep on an empty stomach?

Why do thousands of oil and petrochemical workers not have sufficient salaries to pay for their minimum living needs?

Why do interns and nurses have to commit suicide because they have no salary and no rights?

And why are the Iranian people being deprived of their most basic electricity, water, and food needs?

The Resistance Units

To achieve freedom, we are not betting on chance or pinning hope on a miracle that will break the spell of repression. The campaign for the overthrow is something we build with our own hands and through immense suffering.

The strategy of this Resistance is based on the nature and politics of this regime.

This strategy, taken from the encyclopedia of the great uprising of November 2019, is the answer to religious fascism which will sustain its repression until the last moment.

We have charted our path and gleaned our principles from the same principles that govern the conditions of society.

We have illuminated the path that the oppressed society is eager to follow.

Yes, the army of the countless hungry and unemployed people have nothing to lose. And this will lead to the rise of the great army of freedom.

Let’s light up the dark house again;

Let’s plant flowers in the ruined motherland again;

Let us free this wounded country again;

From the chains and fetters of the enemy.

With such great passion and thirst for freedom, we say: The way and the solution are represented by this Resistance. The Resistance Units and those who follow this path are ready and prepared. They build the bridge of victory to the future and will win freedom for the Iranian people.

Long live freedom!

Long live the people of Iran!

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