- - Monday, September 13, 2021

I am here to express support for the people of Iran in the continuing quest and struggle for freedom, democracy, and human rights. I paid the very closest attention to what President Rajavi had to say and I am absolutely crystal clear, in my mind, that the Iranian people continue to reject all oppression. And indeed, throughout the protestsI have still ringing in my ears, those compelling and forceful slogans: “down with the oppressor,” be it the Shah’s dictatorship or the Supreme Leader’s. I am here to back the people of Iran in calling for a secular and democratic republic and support the NCRI president’s 10-point plan for Iran’s future.

References have been made to the 1988 massacre, and that cannot be forgotten or forgiven or shoved under the carpet. Amnesty [International]’s call be honored that there should be an investigation of Raisi for crimes against humanity. Democrats around the world are clear that this distinction between hardliners and reformists is a total and unmitigated sham. It is a devious device to convey the impression that there is hope for a moderate leadership.. The mass boycott of the presidential election spoke volumes. It was powerful. The regime has been shamed by it, a turnout of below 10%.

And on the subject of Mr. Raisi, that former Chief Justice of Iran was a key player in the death commissions, which massacred tens of thousands of people.

Your message has been heard. The clarity, the moral principle, and the unswerving conviction of your position, which is to say no to dictatorship, no to the Shah, no to theocracy, but yes to democracy.

The flame of freedom burns brightly and will never be extinguished. In due course, hopefully sooner rather than later, you will prevail, you will succeed, you will win.

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