- - Monday, September 13, 2021

President-elect Maryam Rajavi and honorable guests. From all indications Iran has gone through this seminal transformation, much to the chagrin of the medieval tyranny’s apologists. The Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei engineered the election of one of his most loyal and ruthless cronies, Ebrahim Raisi, to the presidency. Raisi has risen through the ranks of the regime, through barbaric murder and suppression, and became president of the regime this year through a sham election.

The people of Iran boycotted the regime’s elections because they know it is an unfair and undemocratic process with a horrendous outcome. That even according to the regime’s exaggerated figures, less than 20% cast their ballots in Tehran, goes to show that this regime does not have an iota of legitimacy among the Iranian people.

The election also put an end to the false narrative the regime itself and its western apologists fed the world for more than four decades that concessions and turning a blind eye on the Mullahs’ excesses at home and abroad are necessary to empower the so-called moderates. Indeed, if the past is prologue, the policy pursued so far only strengthened the most ruthless and radical factions of this regime to the detriment of the Iranian people and regional peace and stability. The resistance units of the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) should be commended for their effective work inside Iran to encourage the people of Iran to reject this regime.

Mrs. Rajavi, your call for the boycott was heard loud and clear. In 1988, Raisi was a member of the death committee that oversaw the mass murder of 30,000 political prisoners across Iran. The victims were buried in mass graves. The overwhelming belonged to the MEK.

In his first post-election news conference, Raisi said he was proud of committing these crimes against humanity. It is somewhat inconceivable that the West does not condemn this international criminal. Why the silence? It is time to end the culture of impunity for Tehran’s mass murderers. Enough is enough. It is disgraceful and shameful that Tehran continues to enjoy impunity some 30 years after the 1988 massacreWhen one looks at the Iranian political landscape, one inevitably recognizes that there are only two forces arrayed against one another: the Mullahs, the NCRI and the MEK.

The NCRI led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi offers a truly democratic and viable alternative. This is an alternative that not only enjoys support at home, but also our growing international legitimacy. Freedom is advancing both inside and outside of Iran. The international community must support Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan, which calls for a free democratic, secular, and non-nuclear republic in Iran. The people of this once proud country deserve nothing less.

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