- - Monday, September 13, 2021

Greetings to President Rajavi and to all supporters and friends of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

This marquee event, which demonstrates not only the breadth and endurance of opposition to the fascist, religious dictatorship in Tehran, but also the determination to see it replaced.

Friends, the Ayatollah’s government tells many lies. But perhaps even more disturbing are the lies that others repeat on its behalf. One of the biggest lies is that the regime possesses some mysterious faction of so-called moderates. Year after year, we’ve been told that if we handle the regime with kid gloves, we strengthen the position of these so-called moderates, and that this will allow them to rise in the regime, and to change its course.

Not only did the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) leave the mullahs closer to a nuclear weapons capacity than ever before continuing to accumulate enriched uranium, continuing to work on missile delivery systems, continuing to keep its nuclear facilities operating, continuing to conceal the truth from inspectors. The government I led was never fooled by the supposed existence of a phantom moderate faction. This year’s sham election reached a new low even for this regime. The winning candidate did not even pretend to be a moderate. In fact, Ebrahim Raisi is the very person whom the regime has long entrusted to jail or kill anyone who is actually moderate. In 1988, as one of the four members of the prosecution committee, he ordered the execution of some 30,000 political prisoners. Let’s be crystal clear. Ebrahim Raisi is a criminal, guilty of crimes against humanity. He is a living symbol of the folly of trying to appease the Ayatollah’s regime. Shame on any government in the world that would sit down and try to negotiate anything with an administration led by Ebrahim Raisi.

What a contrast to the use of religion by the Ayatollah’s regime as a weapon of conflict and hate, and what a contrast that is in turn to you in the NCRI, which is one of President Rajavi’s core concepts, calls for the separation of religion and state, and the freedom of religion and faith, and of course, peaceful coexistence with all other nations.

I believe that the regime is weakening. That the selection of an open and bloodstained extremist as president, betrays a regime so worried about its survival, that it dares not risk any shadow of deviation from the Ayatollah’s extremist direction. The Iranian people who have suffered more than any other from the tyranny of this theocracy, yearn more than any other, for it to end and for it to be replaced by the democratic, secular and pluralist forces that the NCRI represents.

Keep up the fight for the day of victory is coming. The regime sponsorship of terrorism has only swelled the ranks of its opponents around the world. And its pursuit of nuclear weapons cannot save it from the opposition of its own people. So, continue your struggle, keep hope alive, and prepare for the new Iran that will come to pass through your efforts.

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