- - Monday, September 13, 2021

Madam President-elect Rajavi, thank you very much for your words that I consider, as a European, a wakeup call for Europe. I can see a wakeup call for the international community as a whole.

Why? Because during the years as the foreign minister or vice president of European Commission, many of my colleagues in the European Union, in North America and elsewhere, have been having contact with representatives of the Iranian regime, sometimes so-called reformists, sometimes so-called conservatives. I can tell you, from my direct experience, there are no differences at all.

It’s important now to open the eyes of the international community. When the Iranian negotiators try to regain ground on the table with the European Union negotiators or the P5+1 countries, they use the nuclear deal as leverage for a recognition of their role in the region. They want to be recognized politically and this is the point where they should fail.

They cannot be recognized as a viable partner, a viable negotiator. Nuclear is only one element of a number of issues. The issues that come to my mind are the 30,000 political prisoners, the executions, and the deprivation of fundamental freedoms. There is not only nuclear negotiation. And if we fall into the trap to sit around the table and negotiate again, we just give the regime a legitimization. And their role is unfortunately to destabilize the whole Middle East, especially now, after the election of Mr. Raisi.

There was not an election, it was a designation, a message of weakness, because designating Mr. Raisi means the regime is going towards more repression, because it’s completely losing its reputation.

Sanctions are not affecting the free people of Iran. Lifting sanctions would only give more money to the regime, not to the free people of Iran. It is the corruption of the regime, it is the imbalance in distribution of wealth among the people, which is affected by giving more money to the regime.

What to do about this increasing threat represented by an aggressive regime and led by a designated president who should be held accountable for being responsible for thousands of political prisoners being executed.

My colleagues in Europe should seriously consider not sitting around the same table with the regime, not recognize persons who try to sign an agreement with bloody hands. We have to be very strict in respecting our Constitution, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of European Union. Don’t sit around the same table to negotiate, don’t recognize the legitimacy as a serious interlocutor of a country whose president deserves to be held accountable.

What you are doing is not only a wakeup call, but an appeal for respecting universal rights. These are not only the legitimate rights of the Iranian people. These are universal rights. Since you are doing the right thing, the others are on the wrong side of history. They will lose. You will win.

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